In the early nineties I was determined to find each and every song recorded by my then favorite band, Nirvana. From cd and cassette singles to random compilations I would buy any disc that had at least a single track from the band no matter what it was. One of the compilations I picked up is the subject of today’s post, one DGC Rarities Vol. 1 and would also happen to be the disc that introduced me to a band that I would love till this very day.

Why This Album?

dgc cover

As I mentioned above, in 1994, I was determined to find each and every track recorded by the band Nirvana. This effort lead me to one of the best complications I have ever found entitled DGC Rarities Vol. 1. If you are not familiar with DGC, in the 90’s it was THE record label for some of the best music to hit the scene. Everyone from Nirvana to the Counting Crows were on this label and, if you saw the famous lettered logo, there was a very good chance you would love the band.

Buying this compilation strictly for the early cut of the Nirvana song ‘Stay away’ called ‘Pay to Play’ I was quickly engrossed in the variety of alternative music presented on this disc. Opening with a killer track from Teenage Fanclub entitled Mad Dog 20/20 I found myself listening to each song and wondering how they were ever left off of any album. Then I cam to a track near the end of the disc entitled ‘Open Every Window’ and something clicked. The track was by a band I had heard reference to but never listened to prior known as The Posies. I go into much greater detail of my discovery in my earlier article about this band, so I will spare you the details, but man I was hooked.

With the success of finding this band, I was soon determined to locate at least one album of each of the bands on this compilation. I was already listening to some of them like, Nirvana, Beck, Counting Crows, Sonic Youth and Weezer to name a few, but if these bands were solid, the rest much be just as good. I was not dissapointed. Thanks to this compilation, in addition to The Posies, I was introduced to That Dog, The Sundays, Teenage Fanclub and more, each one a new taste in the buffet of 90’s music I was feasting on daily.

I have to say this album was played regularly. Every time I hear the songs on this disc I am brought right back to ’94, a young teen trying to figure himself out. I would play video games like Doom with this album going, I would lay back in my military style cot in my room and stare at the ceiling with Beck rambling on Bogusflow. I would wistfully think about my latest crush while Weezer sang about Jamie. If there is any album that could truly be my personal soundtrack for the 90’s it is DGC Rarities Volume 1. Interestingly, there was never a Volume 2.

Favorite Tracks

It is so hard to pinpoint favorite tracks on this one but here are a few that really stand out for me. Ironically, the Nirvana track is pretty much the same song as Stay Away just with slightly altered lyrics. So, that was a little disappointing in a way. However, I did discover a plethora of new bands and I can thank that single track for the years of music it gave me.

Of course, Open Every Window. This is a significantly important track that introduced me to my all time favorite band, The Posies

That Dog’s Grunge Couple. There is something cool about That Dog and this track led me to find the cool album Retreat From the Sun a few years later.

Finally Murray Attaway’s Allegory. There is something incredible about this track and frankly, I was shocked that I never found any other tracks of his music.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is a little difficult to find on disc these days but it is thankfully on Spotify so please, give it a listen.

Late to the Game 1/28/2020

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