Continuing from Penumbra, the final adventure aboard Deep Space Nine continues with the episode that originally aired on April 14, 1999.  This is ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

The Episode:

Station Log Stardate undetermined (approx 52577.1)

Sisko deals with his message from the prophets as Ezri and Worf survive their capture by the Breen.  Meanwhile Kai Winn receives an unexpected visitor.

The Breakdown:

With Ezri and Worf missing, Sisko dealing with wedding jitters brought on by the prophets, the shapeshifters apparently dying off and even transforming Cardassians things look chaotic for the universe.  And now the continuation: (as usual we will break these up into their respective story arcs for simplicity sake.

Story A: Wedding Day Jitters

death do 1

Jake and Ben discuss the Prophet’s message concerning Ben’s wedding with Kasidy.  Soon Ben is visited by Kai Winn who is very adamant in being involved with Sisko’s wedding.  Just as she steps out of his office, however, she is visited by a vision from what she believes to be The Prophets. In her vision, they tell her that Sisko has faltered and a guide will come to her as Bajor’s fate rests with her.

death do 5

Kasidy returns to the station excited about the wedding but soon finds her fiance having second thoughts. She soon learns that Sisko has been warned by the Prophets that he and Kasidy should not be married and is not pleased at the revelation.  Sisko informs her that, no matter how much he wants to be with her, he can not go against the Prophets. She is clearly heartbroken and, leaving, leaves her ring in his quarters.

Speaking to Kira about the situation, she encourages Ben to follow the will of the Prophets as they have ‘never led him down the wrong path’. Despite the encouragement, it is clear he still has doubts.

death do 10

After receiving the wedding ring he ordered from Quark, Sisko realizes that he doesn’t care what the Prophets want, he only cares about what he wants and that is a union with Kasidy. Taking matters into his own hands, Ben heads to her ship and informs her that he wants to marry her despite the warning from the Prophets.  Taking her to his stateroom, where his senior staff is waiting, Ben and Kasidy are married by Admiral Ross even though the Prophets give Ben one last heartfelt warning that he is making a grave mistake.

Story B:  The new Breen Deal

On the Breen ship, Worf and Ezri continue to deal with their captivity. Worf is determined to continue his escape attempts but Ezri has all but given up.  Worf reassures Ezri that they will escape and mentions that he is happy that they will have many years together as a couple once again. Ezri does not seem pleased at this notion.

death do 12

On Cardassia, Weyoun wakes Damar and informs him that they are going off planet. Damar has been drinking once again and, after waking, begins to realize that he has slipped from where he once was.  Seeing Dukat off on his mysterious mission, Damar heads off with Weyoun on a mission rallying behind Dukat’s words of encouragement that Damar could be the leader Cardassia needs.

After dealing with continual torture at the hands of the Breen, Worf realizes that Ezri is in love with Julian and he is shocked at the revelation. Just as Worf decides to confront Ezri in the matter, they are shocked to learn that they are being presented to the Dominion as part of a deal the Breen have made in a new treaty with their enemies.

Story C: A Message from ‘God(s)’

death do 9

After her vision from the ‘Prophets’ Kai Winn begins her prayers to find her way.  She is soon visited by Dukat, under the guise of a a farmer named Anjohl Tennan, and Winn realizes that this is the man ‘the Prophets’ spoke of.  Worming his way into her good graces, which honestly isn’t hard to do, Anjohl begins to tell his ‘life story’ to Kai Winn firmly establishing his and her connection through convenient events that they were both involved in.

Dukat/Anjohl continues to work his influence on Kai Winn and finally convinces her to keep him by her side.  The two kiss, effectively creating the most cringe-worthy moment in Star Trek history, Dukat and Kai Winn together.  *shutters.

To Be Continued…

Is it a Good Episode?

This continuing narrative is pretty intense isn’t it?  From the slow revelations of enemies to the outright defiance of Sisko against the Prophets, we are only two episodes into the final story arc and already things have gotten pretty crazy.

Lets break this down a little bit shall we?

death do 8

Starting with Wedding Day Jitters, we see a very clear struggle for Ben Sisko as he is forced to decide to follow his own path or the path the Prophets have set out for him.  This is a moment where we see the Sisko of old fighting the new ‘awoken’ Sisko in his struggle to choose what to do.  It is a key moment as we finally see that Sisko has given himself over to the will of the Prophets and, for a moment, considers blindly following their desires despite what he wants from life.  In true human form, however, he chooses to make his own choice despite the fact that the non-linear beings from the worm hole know that it will only bring him sorrow in the long run.  What kind of sorrow, well we don’t know yet, it could literally be anything from the death of Kasidy to his own death. What we know, however is that Ben Sisko is one to make his own choices, no matter what anyone else thinks or knows. This is one of his character traits that really helps to establish him as one of the best Captains in Starfleet.

Lot’s of things going on in The New Breen Deal but the most obvious is the new alliance between the Breen and the Dominion.  While we know very little about the Breen themselves, the fact that there are Alpha Quadrant species that are willing to work with the Dominion without having been concurred by them, speaks volumes. The Breen have never been much of a focus and even less of a threat to the Federation (even though they are a formidable species), but this means that the Dominion is not alone in the upcoming battle despite their lack of reinforcements.  They may not have a plethora of Jem’Hadar at their disposal but they are gaining an army none the less.

death do 2

While the Breen and the Dominion unite, another union seemingly dissolves, that of Ezri and Worf.  Honestly, I was happy this didn’t go any further.  It has been firmly established that Trills do not involve themselves with the families of their past hosts as the new host is truly a different person.  Ezri’s brief affair with Worf was one of convenience and frankly should never have happened to begin with.  In a way, Worf took advantage of the young Trill and, as far as I am concerned, dishonored Jadzia’s memory by doing so.  In a way though, I think he feels the same way especially when he realizes that she is not in love with him, she has feelings for their mutual friend Julian Bashir.  While her feelings for Julian are a little suspect, the new hostility between Worf and Ezri is just beginning, you can be sure we will see more of this in the coming episodes.

death do 7

Finally, A Message from ‘God(s)’. This is truly the beginning of the endgame as Dukat, who has been there from the start, begins his mission from the Pah Wraiths to undermine all Sisko has built in his seven years aboard Deep Space Nine.  While everyone is looking toward the Dominion and their apparent threat to the Alpha Quadrant, Dukat and Kai Winn begin their subtle dismantling of years of hardship and sacrifice.  While it seems innocent now, Kai Winn is about to face the truth in a way she could never even fathom it.  They say faith is blind, we will see just how blind this appointed Leader of Bajor really is in the coming episodes…

All in all, a great second part of a longer narrative setting the chess pieces in their strategic locations for a much longer game.  Lots of things happening here and much much more to come.  Till next time…

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

death do 11

  • We get a real sense that ‘Sarah’ deeply cares for Sisko despite their lack of linear understanding.  It is a powerful moment and certainly one that makes you wonder if Sisko is indeed doing the right thing in the long run.
  • We also get a hint of Damar struggling with his appointment as Cardassia’s leader by the Dominion.  It is clear he is unhappy at the situation and, while Dukat is certainly evil, his final words to Damar seem to have set a spark…what he will do with that spark only time will tell…

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Late To The Game 3/16/2020

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