This is what it’s like when worlds collide.  All it took was this single lyric and a completely Buck Rogers inspired music video for me to realize that I had to get the album that song came from.  It was 1999 and, in the last year of the century I was introduced to a band I would love from that moment on.  This is Tonight the Stars Revolt and the band is Powerman 5000.

Why This Album?

PM5K cover ART

It is not overly common for a band or an artist to be inspired by a film or literary genre but in the case of both Spider One (aka Spyder Zombie) and his brother Rob Zombie, this is exactly what happened.  While the more well known Rob Zombie followed his love for classic horror films and monsters, Spider formed a band that took it’s inspiration from all things classic SciFi.

I wish I could say I had been a fan since their start but It wasn’t until their fourth album, and the subject of today’s article, that they appeared on my radar.  You have to keep in mind that when they debuted in 94 I was still in my Post-grunge phase and frankly probably wouldnt have recognized them if I had heard them.  Such was the way of things at that age.  Needless to say, it was MTV and the broadcast of the video for When Worlds Collide that sparked my interest and since that moment I found their nuMetal style to be fun as hell.

The album itself is a fun blend of rock, metal and scifi that provides a deep sludgy but somehow poppy feel that keeps you nodding to each song.   This is an album that is meant to be played loud as it feels like the instruments just want to break free and to play it low would be an affront to their very being.   Spider’s vocals are a mix between chants, screams and spoken words giving the music the front row seat and allowing the band itself to really shine.  That being said, it is Spiders gravelly and almost sultry voice that really gives them an edge that so many other metal bands of that same era seemed to lack.

I can’t say this is their best album as the band has significantly evolved since this album was released some twenty plus years ago but it was the one that sparked my interest and for that, I consider it a Stand Out Album.  All that aside, I did get a chance to see Powerman 5000 live a couple years back even getting the playlist from the show signed by a few members in the progress.  I have to say that they are pretty incredible for a band that has been performing since 1994 and they have not slowed down in the least.  If you get a chance, go check them out, you will not be dissapointed.

Favorite Tracks

Operate, Annihilate

There is something rad about the bass line in this one leading into a pretty rocking song.  Like I said above, play it loud!

Supernova Goes Pop

Technically the first song on the album with a really cool lead in track that sets the tone of the album off perfectly.

Good Times Roll.

It’s a cover of the classic but done Powerman Style.  You really can’t beat it.

Ok, Where do I get it?

For some reason this one isnt readily available any longer but be sure to check back here for a copy if one pops up.  Until then, be sure to listen on Spotify!

Seriously, give it a go of for nothing but some late 90’s nostalgia.

Late to the Game 4/21/2020

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