If you have been reading my blog you will know the importance of music in my life.  Twice a week I make it a point to discus an album and a song that means something to me and that have influenced my life in some form of fashion.

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Music is a vital part of our society, from the ancient rhythmic roots to modern EDM, music invades nearly every aspect of our lives. You find it in movies, television series, video games, you find it playing over the intercom in grocery stores and coffee shops and even plugged into our ears at home and work.  No matter what your place in life, there is a song, an album,or an artist that does not mean something to someone.

Interestingly, Beneath many of these songs that we have come to love are individuals who will never be known by name, yet their music will be known forever.  As a kid I fell in love with a set of albums which featured famous songs by the original songwriters. For the love of me I can’t recall what these albums were called but they were played day and night.  It was amazing to see these songs stripped down and presented in their original versions from the people who actually wrote them.  That’s where this film comes in, showing us what we only thought we knew about the music we love.

The Breakdown

The new documentary from TriCoast Films acts as a visual guide to what those old albums provided me as a kid.  It All Begins With A Song dives into the everyday lives of some of the writers of some of the most well known songs of their time.  From tunes like Pink’s Try to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, It All Begins With  A Songs shows us the talent behind the stars and what they have to go through for someone elses’ number one hit.

Exploring the Nashville music scene, It All Begins With a Song is a revelatory look at the struggle and hardship that goes into writing music.  With interviews with the little known writers behind the songs to the famous performers themselves, this documentary dives deep into what it takes to make it as a songwriter. What it means to these talented artists and how these songs touch their lives outside of simply making a royalty check. It is clearly not easy but these people obviously love what they do.

The Bottom Line

While I was very aware of the hidden talent that exists in the music world from the unknown famous songwriters such as Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller who made Elvis the superstar he was to Claude Kelly who has written for everyone from Whitney Houston to Adam Lambert, this documentary reveals many of those that you may have never heard of. It is a celebration of the talent behind the talent, the literal unsung heroes of our most beloved music.

If you love music like I do, do yourself a favor and check out this incredible documentary.  It is something special and will make you appreciate the music you listen to all the more.  TriCoast Entertainment released this film digitally
earlier this year via Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, FlixFling, Vimeo on Demand, Vudu.  So if you want something to watch while stuck inside, give this one a go. It will make you look at the music you love a little differently, in a good way.

Thanks for reading!

Late To The Game 4/20/2020

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