Sometimes a movie sends you songs that you can’t get out of your mind.  Today’s entry came from a band that I discovered by watching a film.  Such discoveries happen on occasion, and when they do they can be amazing.

Why This Album?


I discovered the Shins thanks to a movie, namely the Zach Braff film, Garden State.  In the film, Natalie Portman’s character Sam tells Braff that she is listening to The Shins and that they will change his life.   Well, she was right, and I have been a fan ever since.

It was 2004 and I was early in my retail career with a new wife and a pocket full of lint.  Sounds like lyrics to a song but it was the furthest from, it was the life we were living and we were just trying to find our way.  Having already been a fan of Zach Braff from his time on Scrubs, I was delighted to find out that he had a feature film of his own hitting the screen.   After watching, and falling in love with, the film, I had to own the soundtrack and boy did I ever listen to it.  It was amazing and contained not one but two of the Shins tracks.

From that day forward I had to own everything I could get my hands on when it came to this band.  They were my latest obsession and I was overjoyed each time a new album was announced.

Today’s album came out a few year later in 2007 and I was immediately drawn into the magic it presented.  With its graph paper sketch cover,  this album is a tighter, more polished fair than earlier entries but it is also somewhat raw in it’s form.  Singer James Mercer’s voice is both haunting and full of life, he certainly knows how to pull on your emotions with just the right words and just the right tones.  Sometimes depressed, sometimes uplifting, sometimes introspective, this album delivers with each and every playthrough and it is certainly one that I recommend listening to in full the first time around as there is a lot to behold.

 Favorite Tracks?

My all time favorite track on this album is Phantom Limb .  It’s just an amazing track.  See for yourself here.

Then of course there is track 11, A Comet Appears.

Heck, I love the whole album and you should give it a go and find your own favorite tracks.  I don’t think you will be disappointed in what you discover.

Ok, Where do I get it?

You can get the CD or the LP on Amoeba Music.  The CD will run you around $14 or $8 for a used one.   Or you can, as normal, try it out via spotify.  Either way, you’ll be delighted.

Trust me, It’ll change your life.

Late to the Game 8/4/2020 (Originally published 06/05/2018)

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