In 1997 a band emerged out of no where with an album full of upbeat power pop somewhere between Weezer and Green Day.  With the members comprised of Adam Levine on vocals, Jesse Carmichael on guitar, Michael Madden on Bass and Ryan Dusick on Drums, you would think this quartet would be destined for stardom.  Well, they were, just not as Kara’s Flowers.

Why This Album?

Karas flowers cover

Once again, it was CMJ New Music Monthly that led me to this album. I had already become a fan of The Posies by this point and was on the search for more music and CMJ provided that monthly hit of new tunes that would eventually lead me to several of the bands I still love to this day.   Including bands such as Citizens’ Utilities, Smoking Popes, Cornershop and more, the October ’97 issue of CMJ was one of my favorites.  The track was entitled Soup Disco and man was I hooked from the first chord.

There was something fresh and different about Kara’s Flowers that I found refreshing.  Channeling a touch of the 50’s and 60’s styles and combining them with a modern power pop sensibility, every track is one that will leave you toe tapping and, eventually, singing along.

There is not a bad song on this album but sadly this would be the only album under the name Kara’s Flowers.  The Quartet would become a Quintet and  next album would be called Songs About Jane under the name Maroon 5.  To me, this album is the perfect example of the kitsch 90’s Pop Rock and every song oozes with that era’s style and feel.  It serves as the perfect time capsule to someone who wants to take a peak into the end of the last century. Frankly, I prefer Kara’s Flowers.

Favorite Tracks

Of course, the track that introduced me to the band, Soap Disco.  Not only was this a solid track but it was also their only official music video.

Future Kid: I have no clue what this song is about but any song that states that Teddy Ruxpin is a whore has my vote.


To Her, with Love: This one is almost Beatlesque in a way with soft tones and an acoustic aesthetic.  Good stuff.


Ok, Where do I get it?

Unfortunately this one is out of print.  I happen to have a copy from when they first hit the scene but, since becoming Maroon 5, the band has let this one fade into relative obscurity.  You can listen to it on Spotify and, frankly, I think you should. It is a solid album from the 90’s that was all but forgotten, until now.

Late to the Game 8/25/2020

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