There are certain songs that just resonate with you. Whether that song recreates a moment in time or is just one that you really like, these songs are the songs that helped create the person you are and were a constant companion in the journey called life.

Today we continue exploring those songs in my life and what they mean to me. This is Those Certain Songs.

Today’s Certain Song is Live Forever by The Highwaymen

The Song:

Title: Live Forever

Artist: The Highwaymen

Album: The Road Goes On Forever

The Lyrics:

I’m gonna live forever.
I’m gonna cross that river
I’m gonna catch tomorrow now
You’re gonna want to hold me
Just like I always told you
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Nobody here will ever find me
But I will always be around
Just like the songs I leave behind me
I’m gonna live forever now

You fathers and you mothers
Be good to one another
Please try to raise your children right
Don’t let the darkness take ’em
Don’t make ’em feel forsaken
Just lead ’em safely to the light

When this old world is blown asunder
And all the stars fall from the sky
Remember someone really loves you
We’ll live forever you and I

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna cross that river
I’m gonna catch tomorrow now

What it means to me:

The Highwaymen are a band that I have loved since a very young age. Featuring country legends Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson, this band represents classic country at it’s peak. Only releasing three albums, they were the highlight of the 80’s and 90’s essentially ushering in what has become the folk ‘singer/songwriter’ genre that we know today.

While I adore most of their music, it is this song that I keep coming back to. To me, it’s a song of hope of recognizing that, while life is finite, there are things we can do that will keep our spirit alive forever. We all leave something behind in the end, weather those things are memories, stories, songs, poems, books, movies, yes even blog posts, as long as they have have touched someone somewhere a small part of us will essentially alive forever.

I know that my work will never change anything in any substantial way but, much like the Butterfly Effect, each of us causes a tiny ripple that does effect the future in ways we can never imagine. That person you bought a coffee for, or that person you smiled at, that time you chose not to be angry, or that time you shared a kind word, or even an unkind one, all of those moments have cause ripples in other peoples lives that kept resonating for eternity. Who knows, maybe that random act of kindness was exactly what that person needed to make a decision that would eventually effect millions in the future? You don’t know and THAT is why it is important to keep kindness in your heart at all times. Your words, your actions, your memory will indeed live forever, even if your name doesn’t.

One of my other hobbies is singing on Smule. So, here is my rendition of this song. Hopefully this doesn’t scare you away but I understand if it does. Anyhow, I invite you to join me in song one day and maybe we both can help change the world together, one ripple at a time.

Late to the Game 10/10/2020

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2 thoughts on “Those Certain Songs: Live Forever – The Highwaymen (1995)

  1. “I know that my work will never change anything in any substantial way”…don’t be too sure of that. Your blog makes a lot of people smile every day, myself included😀 And in the bleak days we currently have that’s worth more than all the money in the world. Great song, and great post as always😊

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