There were key movies in my life that helped to make me who I am today. Movies that I have loved from the moment the opening credit rolled and still love now. This blog series is about those, My guilty pleasures, my favorites, my escapes. Some were very popular, others not so much. Some of these will have some real life take-aways, others are just for fun. Today we discuss Curse of Chucky!

Today’s Key Movie:

Chucky is delivered to Nica Pierce and her mother Sarah nearly 25 years after the events of the original film. We soon discover that both Sarah and Nica have a connection with Charles Lee Ray (the original Chucky) that Sarah would have liked to forget. When Sarah is killed by Chucky, Nica’s nightmare begins…

Starring Brad Dourif, Denielle Bisutti and Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, this is the Curse of Chucky!

Why this movie?

curse 3

Once again this is not a normal entry for this blog series. Normally I would discuss the movies that were part of my youth, the films that I grew up with or that shaped me in some way. This was indeed the case for the first few Child’s Play films but then…well the franchise just kept going and, writing these reviews, I had to as well. So, with only one more film in the franchise after this, we will discuss Chucky’s return to his roots…

Marking the first Child’s Play film to be released as a Direct to Video feature, this film was already facing the challenge of being a ‘low budget’ release. Seeing that the last two went deeply into the horror camp side of things I have to say I was a little concerned that this film would follow suit. Thankfully, this was not the case. Much like the first film, this movie hits at the possibility that it is not Chucky who is killing people, but Nica, a paraplegic girl who, after the death of her mother, discovers a connection to Charles Lee Ray. This brings about a thriller that hearkens back to the original films bringing back the horror elements we know and love.

You like it, but is it really a ‘good’ movie?

curse 1

Utilizing the lower budget Don Mancini is able to not only return Chucky to his legitimate horror past but do so in a way that works on every single level. This is a tremendous entry that is absolutely worthy of the Child’s Play name, even though the filmmakers still opted for the ‘Chucky’ moniker.

Unlike the previous entries, we don’t get a ton of the animatronic Chucky or even Tiffany in this film which works great even if it is due to the low budget nature. I love the subtle horror using deep camera angles and great moments of suspense. Mancini is even able to make a simple dinner into a game of Russian Roulette with a single bowl of poisoned food among the diners. It is moments like this that shows how good Mancini is in his ability as a writer/director which makes the last film even better as it was a purposeful choice and not accidental.

curse 4

I particularly love the actor playing Nica (Fiona Dourif) who also happens to be the real life daughter of Chucky himself Brad Dourif. This familial connection is used as a plot point but done in such a terrific way that viewers would never expect the results. Interestingly, this film would only lead into another story The Cult of Chucky which continues the story of Nica and her connection to Charles Lee Ray. I was first introduced to Fiona through her role in the Dirk Gently tv series and she continues to prove just how great an actor she really is. I do hope we see her in a major role in the future because this lady certainly inherited the family talent…and might even surpass that of her father.

curse 7

Overall, I was really impressed with this film. While it is certainly a direct to Video production, the story, pacing, acting and overall production is fantastic. It really doesn’t feel like a made-for-tv movie which makes it all the better. Despite my concerns, Mancini has brought Chucky back home while also acknowledging the existence of the two schlock films in the franchise’s cannon. It is cleverly done and really manages to tie up some great loose ends.

OK, where do I get this movie?

You can pick this one up via VOD or on disc. If you loved the original Child’s Play films, this is one you will really enjoy. If you liked the campy nature of the previous two…you might find yourself disappointing. Regardless, if you enjoy the Monstrous Miniature Minions of Mayhem, this is absolutely for you.

Late To The Game 11/12/2020

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2 thoughts on “Key Movies Of My Life: Curse of Chucky (2013)

  1. I could not agree with you more! I had honestly hoped there would be a follow up to this one, especially with that fun after credits scene, but sadly this was not the case. I’m really glad this film went back to the horror roots of this series, and it was indeed a movie worthy of the Chucky name! Great post! 😊

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