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“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”  – Lewis Carroll

We return to the mirror universe and find things have greatly changed since our last visit in the episode that originally aired on May 15,1994.  This is Crossover.

The Episode:

Station Log Undetermined:  Crossover

Bashir and Kira find themselves in an alternate universe soon realize, that if they do not find a way home, they may not survive the visit.

The Breakdown:

crossover 1

Returning from opening a hospital on New Bajor in the Gamma Quadrant, Julian and Kira travel together with Julian steadily driving Kira mad with his constant ramblings.  Upon exiting the Wormhole after a rough trip through, they are surprise to find that DS9 is no longer at it’s previous location.  Finding it once again orbiting Bajor they are soon boarded by Klingon raiders who seem to recognize, and fear, Major Kira.  Returning to the station, they find that Garak is in full Cardassian uniform but are more shocked to see another version of Kira dressed in black leather.

crossover 2

They soon learn that they are on Terok Nor and that there is an alliance between the Cardassians and Klingons and Intendant Kira Nerys is in charge of the station.  Julian is soon swept away as his is a Terran and sent to process Ore under the charge of Odo.  Soon Mirror-Kira (MK) tries to get to know Prime-Kira (PK).  MK Explains to PK that their universe made a huge shift when James Kirk from the Prime Universe influenced Mirror Spock to reform the Terran Empire.  Seeing the Terran Empire had weakened, The Cardassians and Klingons formed an Alliance which all but crushed the now weakened Terran people.  MK explains that due to the first crossover, she is obliged to eliminate anyone who comes from the Prime Universe.  PK convinces MK that she does not need to kill either of them and goes to visit her friend Julian in ore processing.  Visiting Bashir, she informs him of the situation and he begins to plan an escape using a transporter and the possible assistance of Mirror O’Brien.

crossover 3

PK then pays a visit to Quark where she attempts to obtain a transporter from the Ferengi.  Negotiating with him, he is soon interrupted by Garak who  accuses the bartender of helping Terrans escape.  After a brief altercation, Quark is dragged off to the brig and none other than Ben Sisko arrives demanding some alcohol for himself and his crew.

Meanwhile in Ore Processing, Julian begins to try to get help from Mirror Miles.  Julian explains to Miles that he is the Chief of Operations in the Prime Universe and the Doctor needs his help. Soon Miles is summoned by Sisko to the Bar.

crossover 10

Back at the bar, we learn that Sisko is not much more than a pirate in the employ of The Intendant. Sisko greats Miles as ‘Smiley’ and asks the engineer to fix a problem on Sisko’s ship.  Sisko is soon summoned by the Intendant to visit her Quarters to discuss his most recent mission. Not long after, PK arrives to find MK being bathed by Vulcans while Ben is lounging.   MK is shocked to learn that PK has been asking for a transporter and informs her that transponders have been redesigned since the first event and will not get her home. Soon Quark is brought to face the Intendant where she sentences him to a quick death.

After leaving MK’s quarters, PK finds Garak in her quarters where the Cardassian informs PK that the Intendant is in love with her mirror counterpart.  He offers her a chance to betray and replace the Intendant so that Prime Kira can escape from the Mirror Universe leaving Garak in charge. Before leaving, he informs her that should she decline, her Doctor friend will be gone. 

KP rushes to Julian to warn him that they need to escape soon before they are killed, all the while Odo is watching their meeting. She then goes to visit with Sisko who wants nothing to do with her.  She informs Sisko that Garak is planning to kill the Intendant that very night and she wants Sisko’s help preventing it so that she can get their runabout back.  There she finds that Sisko has no interest in helping his people and has found a way to just survive.

PK arrives at the Intendant’s party where she witnesses a fight between one of Sisko’s crew and a Klingon.  Just as things are getting heated the Intendant arrives distracting them all.

crossover 7

In Ore Processing, Odo begins to pick on Bashir just as a boiler leak begins.  Julian vaporizes Odo with a stolen phaser and begins his escape.  Running into O’Brien, he finds the man trying to fix the problem, avoiding any conflict.  At first the engineer refuses to help Julian but eventually shows the Doctor the way to his runabout with the promise that he will be taken along.   Just as they begin their escape, they are caught by Klingons and brought to the Intendant at her party. She is clearly upset at the situation. Offering the life of Julian as an example to the rest, MK has lost all confidence in her mirror counterpart.

crossover 8

When O’Brien is questioned, he indicates that seeing Bashir is a Terran that is a Doctor, he was inspired to step up and be better.  Just as they are about to be taken away, Sisko steps forward and rescues the Kira and the Terrans.  Making a run for it, Prime Kira and Bashir flee through the wormhole and find their way back home just as the station begins a search for their friends.   They are back safely and boy do they have a story to tell.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

This is a great sequel to the Original series episode Mirror Mirror, filling us in with nearly 100 years of Mirror Universe history in the span of an episode.  Ever since the original series episode aired on October 7, 1967, fans have wondered just what impact Kirk’s influence on Mirror Spock had in the future of the Terran Empire.   It seems, by showing Mirror Spock a new way, Kirk inadvertently cause the downfall of an entire Empire, essentially breaking the Prime Directive in a way that has never been done before, literally taking down an Empire and allowing it to be replaced with something worse. Man, does Kirk know how to do it or what?!

crossover 6

Nana Visitor does an amazing job in her duel role as Intendant Kira and Major Kira.  As the Intendant you almost forget that it is not another actress in the role as they interact with one another.  She is so much more fearsome and dark than our Kira, even though there are hints of that person in Kira Prime from time to time.  It is great to see Nana get a chance to really stretch her role and boy does she nail it. Not only that but the rest of the cast do such a brilliant job with their alternate roles, Avery Brooks portrayal as Mirror Sisko really gives him a chance to stretch as well, showing that Brooks has a tremendous range that is not used nearly enough on this series.

Overall, one of the best of the season, and one that has certainly aged well. I look forward to reviewing the followup in season three. (oops, spoilers!)

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

crossover 9

According to Mirror Sisko. Terran’s no longer believe in souls.  I guess with the downfall of their people, what ever religion they had followed, if any, had also been demolished.  Now the Terrans are just surviving the best way they can.  I hate to have empathy for the Terran Empire because of  how evil they were but I guess it is all a matter of perspective…

This is the first time we see Odo with a belt and a collar….it wont be the last.

This is certainly not the last time we will see the Mirror Universe,  trust me, there is much more to come.

This episode marks the first mention of New Bajor.  This settlement will have repercussions in the future.

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Late To The Game 4/3/2021 (Originally published 5/31/2019)

crossover 11
Dammit, I’m a Doctor not a Miner.

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