Remember way back when, that episode where Q showed up and there was a Q civil war?  Yeah,  well…it’s not over yet.  Originally Broadcast on April 11, 2001 this is Q2.

The Episode:

Captain’s Log Stardate 54704.5 Q2

Q leaves his son aboard Voyager to ‘teach him’ only…there is much more going on that just that.

The Story:

After listening to Icheb’s history project, Janeway is surprised by visitors when both Q and Q Junior arrive.  It seems that Junior is on vacation and Q wanted him to experience humanity aboard Voyager.  Before Janeway can refuse, Q vanishes leaving his wayward son with her.

Before long it is clear that Q Junior is more than a handful.  Causing issues throughout the ship including nearly causing a warp core breach, removing Seven’s clothing and even starting an interstellar war.  Just as Janeway is fed up with him, he then brings in The Borg, threatening the lives of everyone on board.   Q, of course arrives and finally explains the situation to Janeway. Junior is in danger of being killed by the continuum due to the child’s outlandish behavior.  When Janeway suggests that the child face consequences, Q agrees and Junior is stripped of his powers giving him one week aboard Voyager to become a better person or he will live his life as an amoeba. 

Junior is soon put through what is essentially a boot camp with the crew taking turns teaching him everything from physical fitness to diplomacy.  Things take a turn for the worse when Q arrives for a status check only to determine that Junior is not up to snuff.  This causes Junior to dupe his new friend Icheb into stealing the Delta Flyer in order to hide from his Father.  While on the run the two encounter a Chokuzan Vessel and Icheb is hurt.  Knowing that he must save his friend, Junior takes Icheb back and, after trying to blame Icheb for the incident, finally comes clean taking Janeway back to Chokuzan space to find a way to save his friend.   The Chokuzan agrees to help them but demands that Janeway must pay for Juniors crimes.  Junior steps up and accepts responsibility for his actions prompting the Chokuzan to reveal that it has been Q this entire time. 

Q is impressed but, when Junior faces the Q Judges, they determine that Junior will not gain his powers back but will remain human with no powers.  Q disagrees and leaves to challenge them.  Just when Junior has decided to remain and continue his training, Q returns and informs them that he has convinced the continuum to change it’s mind.  Junior is returned to Q status and Q Senior has to remain with him for eternity.   As a parting gift, Q provides Janeway with a way to shave time off some of Voyagers trip home but refuses to simply send them home as it would be a bad example to his son.  Q vanishes, leaving Janeway and crew to continue their journey.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Q episodes never cease to delight and this one is certainly no exceptions. Acting as the final part of a trilogy that started with Death Wish and continued in Q and the Grey, Q2 gives us a great wrap to one of the best long form stories in this series.  Unlike his appearances on STNG and DS9, Q’s story on Voyager actually showed the repercussions of his actions as each episode builds on the outcome of the last.  Q’s experience on Voyager took the lessons learned on STNG (and somewhat on DS9) to a whole new level showing that even the omnipotent being can find some significant humanity.

As an episode, it works on every level. Not only is the Q antics done for a clear purpose, we get a chance to really see Janeway be the mentor and mother figure we have always known she could be.  The Janeway we see in Q2 provides a deeper look into her protective and caring side that has been a massive part of how this crew has survived as long as it has.  Sure, we dont get a chance to see this side of Janeway too often, but it is clear that she truly cares for everyone on her ship, Q or not.  

I particularly love the fast friendship between Icheb and Junior.  While it is not as fully explored as it could have been, this really makes me hope that we see Junior in the Picard series.  Seeing that Junior is played by John de Lancies own son, Keegan de Lancie, and, by the end it is established that Q must stick by Junior through eternity, it would be easy for them to both appear on Picard.  This would not only allow for a heartfelt reunion between Q and Jean Luc (heh) but we could also see Juniors reaction to Icheb’s ultimate fate.  Plus, you know Junior would be sure to remind Seven of their ‘time’ together. 

All in all, This is a great way to wrap the Voyager Q saga marking the final time we see a Q in a live action episode as of the time of this writing.  Who knows what the future holds…well, other than Q but he’s not telling.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • 0 photon torpedoes fired, -28 remaining.
  • 0 shuttlecraft lost or destroyed, -6 remaining
  • We never do find out what Q gave to Janeway that will help them get home faster.
  • The appearance of the Q Judges is a great callback to Q’s first appearance in the franchise.
  • While never specifically called out, the references to Kirk and his 5 year mission imply that the Q are aware of Kirk, possibly through Trelane or Charly X.

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Late To The Game 4/9/2021

The new Borg Doctor that Q so kindly left behind is really big on Dental Hygiene as Chakotay is about to find out.

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