Once again, humans decide that space herpes isn’t necessarily the worse thing that can happen on the episode that originally aired on October 17, 2001.  This is Unexpected. 

The Episode:

Captain’s Log Date Undetermined

After some malfunctions aboard Enterprise it is soon discovered that a cloaked ship that is piggybacking with them is causing the issues.  Trip is sent over to help the ship make repairs so they can go on their way and, while there, has relations with one of the Xyrillians.  After they leave he discovers that he is pregnant and the Enterprise is forced to track the aliens down to see what they can do about this situation. 

As Trip deals with his hormones, the Enterprise encounters a Klingon ship that seems to be having issues with the Xyrillians as well.   Archer negotiates with the Klingons getting them to agree to accept technology in exchange for not destroying the Xyrillians ship.  After working with the Xyrillians, the embryo is transferred to another host and everyone goes about their business. 

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

This episode marks the first case of Space Herpes establishing the reason why there is a Starfleet protocol in place where it’s recommended to NOT have interspecies relations unless sanctioned by the ships Doctor.  I mean, with the issues we humans have with viruses and such, you would think humans would think twice about having relationships with other species without taking precautions, but then again, these are humans so…

One aspect of this episode that I absolutely love is just how alien the Xyrillian ship is for a human.  For much of the franchise alien ships have been pretty much just a re-deco of what the human ships were.  Outside of the smell of the Klingon ships, nothing was different, nothing was seen as truly alien. Until now.   When Trip first arrives on the Xyrillian ship, he experiences a complete disorientation as the ship is truly an unexpected experience for him.  While this isn’t something that is really revisited in the series, it sets the stage for what humans would logically experience when entering an alien vessel and I love it.

I have to call out Connor Trinneer in his role of Trip Tucker in this one.   His reaction to the pregnancy and performance in this situation is tremendous.  There are moments that he genuinely seems concerned with his situation and it is pretty hilarious. 

One cool thing about this episode is that is features the first Human/Klingon ship to ship encounter. What makes this even cooler is that we see the classic Klingon Battle Cruiser from the original series but slightly upgraded a bit graphically.  I have always loved this particular ship and seeing that the Klingons use this design some 100 years prior to the original series is pretty amazing.   This and Archer’s conversation with Klingon Captain Vorok is tremendous.  These Klingons are the classic violent version we get to know in the original series but with the makeup style of the TNG era.  Plus, we get a chance to see how Archer’s reputation with the Klingon Empire has spread throughout the galaxy, giving this series some fantastic continuity that was startlingly missing from Voyager.

Overall, This episode, while silly, is a very fun and enjoyable one. This one not only establishes the basis for interspecies protocol, but also sets the stage for Human/Klingon hostilities that will be seen again.  Well worth watching with some well earned (as well as some cringeworthy) chuckles to boot.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Sonic showers have yet to be invented as Enterprise still uses water.
  • This episode marks the First holodeck technology experienced by a Starfleet officer.
  • We also see that the ship has a galley, much like that of Neelix’s Kitchen on Voyager.
  • We never see nor hear from the Xyrillians again even though technically Trip is a father to one of them.  

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