Enterprise has some down time during a research mission and Mayweather reunites with family.  Originally broadcast on April 16, 2003 this is Horizon.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog Date January 10, 2153

Enterprise is called on an important data gathering mission and will just happen to be near Mayweather’s families ship, the Horizon.  After being granted leave to visit his family, Mayweather is shocked to learn that his father died just over a month prior making the Ensign question his choices in joining Starfleet.  Archer assures the Ensign that Travis came with the highest recommendations including one from Mayweather’s own father indicating that Archer would be foolish not to accept him for the Enterprise mission. 

With that reassurance, Mayweather visits his family where he soon discovers that the Horizon has been having some issues with some alien raiders.   Travis’ mother and brother do not want to fight but Travis is determined to help them defend themselves against these aliens.  After convincing Travis’ brother Paul to install some defensive and offensive upgrades, they re able to fend off the aliens showing Paul that his brother has learned a thing or two.  Travis leaves the ship with Paul in command and the two of them closer after fending off the alien raiders. Oh and, As this is all going on, the Enterprise crew watch Frankenstein and T’Pol eats popcorn.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Horizon is a great exploration of Ensign Travis Tucker’s character and a great chance to finally get an idea of where he came from by going to his actual home.  While there Travis learns that his departure from the Horizon had significant effects on his family and former crew and, while his mother and father had finally accepted the fact that he had moved on, it was his brother Paul that was holding a grudge.   

Leaving home is never easy especially when you leave people behind that you care about.  However, as Travis learns, you can’t always think of what other people want when deciding your own future.  His destiny was not aboard the Horizon but aboard Enterprise where he was one of a small crew who were literally expanding the influence of humanity among the stars.  Sure, someone else would have filled the position of the Conn if he had not joined, but it was through his experience and expertise that Enterprise has managed to get out of some rather tough moments.  This return home helped to solidify not only his choice to leave the Horizon but also allowed his family to see just how much he had grown in his two year absence.  Again, had he not joined Starfleet, he would never have had the knowhow to help the Horizon, and his family, survive this particular incident. 

This episode works well as it has a minimal focus on Enterprise itself but instead shows us how others in space manage to make a living.  It’s rare that we get a chance to see anything non-Starfleet related in most of these series as they tend to focus on a single crew or a major event.  So getting a moment to see how the ‘common man’ has to live with the ever changing universe was a breath of fresh air for this show.  I almost wish we had more moments like this one giving us more of a look at the world outside of Starfleet and what struggles they deal with just trying to survive. 

Overall, this is a great character building episode that really manages to give Mayweather some much needed depth.  While we never to get a chance to see the ECS Horizon or Mayweather’s family again, it was a nice moment and one certainly worth watching.   Oh yeah, and the B story about T’Pol and the crew watching Frankenstein was fun.  Not really necessary but fun. 

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • We learn that Travis’ mother is both the Chief Engineer and Ship’s Medic aboard the Horizon.
  • Apparently Archer almost served on a transport ship….but it didnt work out.  We do not learn why.
  • T’Pol suggests that Frankenstein be used to help Vulcans living on Earth understand humanity a little better.

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