One of my favorites of the New Trek series is back with a second season and it is off to a tremendous start.   Remember last season when everyone found out that Mariner was the daughter of Captain Freeman?  Yeah well, we get a chance to see how that turns out when Commander Ransom gets the Gary Mitchell treatment and basically becomes a God.  Meanwhile Tendi is worried that Rutherford is changing since his mind wipe.  Oh and Boimler…let’s just say hes having a blast on the Titan with Captain Riker.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

I have been so ready for a new season of this series and this first episode of season 2 was NOT a disappointment.  Honestly it’s like revisiting an old friend and picking up a conversation you had started a year before without missing a beat.  Opening with what appears to be a Cardassian interrogating Mariner only for her to be interrupted by the Andorian Ensign Jennifer who is there to relay a message that the Captain needs her in the ready room.  Of course it is all a holodeck program, but what a program it was giving us a glimpse of just how much she misses her buddy Boimler.  On the flip side we see how Tendi is really worried about losing her best friend Rutherford after his cybernetic mind wipe last season.  Honestly, I think she should just go ahead and tell him how she feels about him and get it over with, but then there wouldn’t be much of a story then huh?

Overall,  this is a tremendous start to the second season with a great…wait…what…oh Boimler?  Yeah, we see him…I’m just not going to spoil that. He’s there though…and I am curious where they are going with that.  anyhow.  the show is off to a fantastic start for season two and I will be here for the second ep next week!!!!

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 8/14/2021

Getting a-head of the situation.

Special Thanks to Memory Alpha as they are one of the best sources for details on Star Trek information available.  Although I have a pretty deep knowledge on the subject, they have proven invaluable as a regular resource.

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