The Manchurian Slave Girl, or that time Archer is duped by a pretty face.  Originally broadcast on October 1, 2003 this is Rajiin.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog date unknown:

The Xindi discuss using a bio-weapon against humanity but delay that tactic as it is too soon, but one of them has other ideas.  

Enterprise visits a planet in order to find supplies and manage to make a deal for some trellium-D which will help protect Enterprise from the strange anomalies that somehow have stopped affecting the ship outside of a few broken bones here and there.   While there they encounter a slave girl named Rajiin who begs Archer for help and is taken back to Enterprise for her protection.   Before long it is revealed that Rajiin is actually a Xindi agent who was sent to scan the crew in order to improve the bio-weapon meant to kill humanity.  The Xindi attack Enterprise and manage to capture Rajiin who had admitted her real purpose to Archer and the crew after being caught in the act of scanning one of them.   One of the Xindi die in the attack and his body is left on Enterprise but the rest of the Xindi assault team vanish into a mysterious vortex.   

In the end, The Xindi Council decide to begin developing the bioweapon despite Rajiin’s protests.  It seems time is running out.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

So…Archer basically steals someone’s slavegirl at an alien bazaar, leaving the rest of them to just keep living that slave life, but, surprise, she ends up being all part of a larger scheme by The Xindi.  Oh and she just happens to look VERY human outside of some wifi symbol looking ridges on her temples.

While I do appreciate that this episode does attempt to continue the ongoing storyline even referencing the events of the previous episode with Archer dealing with itchy skin from his transformation, but once again, this episode seems to be nothing but a forced and very obvious plot device to allow the Xindi to have what they need.  I really can’t fathom how the writers of this season could have such a clunky and and uneven story with how well DS9’s final few seasons were executed.  It’s not like they didn’t have access to a very large and very talented writing pool who knew how to do such things, but sadly all of that development seems to have been ignored when it comes to this series. 

All that aside, the fact that after all his crew has been through, having Archer dupped by a pretty face and allowing her to ‘scan’ them all using her ‘sexy powers’ is rather embarrassing.  I mean, this guy has literally been on this interstellar mission for over two years, he has seen his crew get impregnated by aliens, travelled through time and even became an alien Neanderthal, so why would he not think that this slave lady is not obviously a convenient trap?  Was she really that powerful with her ‘Sexy Powers’ that she just brainwashed him and the rest with her slinky nature?  Sure, we see that she’s got some kind of pheromonic abilities but, seriously, you’d think that maybe this crew would be a little more cautious at this point.  Once again it’s T’Pol who manages to resist most of the aliens ‘Sexy Powers’ but it’s Trip who manages to discover Rajiin’s secret in the end. 

Speaking of Trip and T’Pol, one cool thing that this episode shows is the continuing relationship between these two.  What started off as a simple series of therapy sessions, slowly evolves into a very intimate and deep relationship that, while obvious, is actually quite fun to watch.  These are two very different people that find some way to connect, despite everything standing in their way.

Overall, this episode is simply used as a way to push the plot forward in a rather forced and abrupt way.  I get the feeling the writers were just winging it through this season without much forward planning involved.  Had Rajiin had arrived earlier in the season and had become a trusted member of the crew and THEN used her connection to send info to the Xindi, this story would have been much more impactful.  Instead we get an obvious setup with an obvious honey trap situation who just happens to be working for the enemy.  Hmmmm, we need info on the humans, how about we just send a sexy slave and get that info because we all know humans will fall for a pretty face!   I would say you could skip this one but, sadly, there is just enough key plot points that you really can’t.  Then again, since you just read this, you can just move on to better episodes so, you’re welcome.  

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Archer learns about the Xindi Bio-weapon.
  • This is the last we see of Rajiin even though it felt like she was being set up as a reoccurring plot point.
  • Enterprise now has trellium-D, but not having much luck with it.  
  • We get to see the Maco team in action again, so that’s cool.
  • Oh and apparently those wifi symbols are legit because she can use that power to project the scans she makes with her hands. Because she has some special ability and wasn’t genetically enhanced at all. nope. not the case here!

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Late To The Game 8/30/2021

‘No, you can not have her! I will save this clearly distraught and fragile rather human looking slave girl who just happened to escape your evil clutches just when we were departing. I will then take her back to my ship where I will refuse her offer of appreciation sex and we will find her home planet in order reunite her with her family. I just hope she doesn’t ultimately betray our kindness, I do hate it when that happens!’

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