More Vulcan madness….er rather more Vulcans who are not jerks.  Originally Broadcast on November 26, 2004 this is Awakening.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog date unknown.

Soval is dismissed from the Vulcan High Command due to his use of a mind meld, meanwhile Archer and T’Pol meet T’Pau where they learn that the late Arev was actually Syrran, the leader of the Syrranites.  Archer discovers that Surak’s Katra is now in his head and after revealing this to the Syrrannites, T’Pau confirms it by conducting a mind meld with Archer. T’Pau attempts to transfer the Katra out of Archer but, it seems, that Surak is happy where he is so the transfer does not work.  This attempt at a forced transfer forms a rift between T’Pol and her mother T’Les.  Enterprise sends a rescue pod but the Vulcan High Command, who do not approve of the Syrranites, begin bombarding the area to prevent the rescue of, well, anyone. In the attack, T’Les dies in T’Pol’s arms after they make amends.

On Enterprise, Soval, who has come to Enterprise for safety, informs Tucker that Vulcan is planning to launch a surprise attack Andoria because they falsely believe that the Andorians are building a weapon using Xindi Technology. Tucker leaves Vulcan, stranding T’Pol and Archer, and heads to Andoria to warn them of this incoming attack…

to be continued.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Like I mentioned in the previous review, I find it cool that we are finally exploring Vulcan culture.  We finally come to the revelation that the Vulcans we met at the beginning of this series are really not the same Vulcans that we know and love in future series.  I mean, it was somewhat obvious that the Vulcans initially presented were rather gruff and distrustful, which felt like a departure from what we knew, and now we know why…these Vulcans have strayed.  

What I love about this episode is that we get a chance to see just how corrupt the Vulcan Government had become at this point as they had fallen so deep into their superiority complex that they felt infallible.  In a way, this story is an analogy of, well, just about every organized religion, government or group that starts out with the best intentions and only end up losing their way over time.  I mean, imagine if someone could literally hold the essence of someone like Buddha or Christ in their head and be able to definitively tell their followers their original intentions?  What would change?  What would they think of where their teachings have gone and how they are being interpreted now?  I’m not here to give those kinds of answers but it is certainly something to chew on. In the context of this episode,  Surak is fearful that his people will steadily slip back into the dark and warlike people that they once were and only wants the best for them, even if they don’t want it for themselves.  Sadly…well…not everyone agrees with him even though they believe they are following his teachings.  Quite the conundrum huh?

Overall, the Episode itself is a solid one.  While Archer still comes off as a bit of a  hothead, I get a feeling that this is the writers attempt to get him back to where he started.  I mean, what a perfect way to get Archer back to his benevolent self than give him the Katra of Surak himself?  Seriously.  It’s pretty brilliant really.  The other bit I love is that we finally see T’Pol have a true moment that really makes her realize that she can embrace her emotions, even if that emotion is sadness. It’s a massive moment for her and one that will certainly play out over time. 

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • It’s great to see Soval finally become a ‘good guy’. Yeah, this has been building for a short time but I always hated how gruff he came across at the start.  Turns out, he’s alright.
  • So…off to Andoria huh….this should be interesting.

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Late To The Game 11/1/2021

Call my brother Palpatine and let him know that this universe is ripe for invasion.

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