Enterprise encounters the Organians….because why not?  

Originally broadcast on January 26, 2005 this is Observer Effect.

The Episode:

Captains Star Log Date Unknown

Hoshi and Tripp are infected by a virus and the Organians, a non-corporeal race, inhabits some of the crew members to watch and learn how humans react to difficult situations.  Apparently, they have done this before and some of those experiments have ended in tragedy. Of course after a very lengthy story where everyone is wondering what is going on. When they see that humanity is willing to go to any length to save their crew, and Archer has some choice words for them, they save the ship from the virus and move on. The Organians agree amongst themselves to not use this particular test again for another 10,000 years as humanity has proved themselves a unique species and now plan to introduce themselves in five thousand years or so.    

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Concept wise, this is a neat episode but somewhere along the line it fails to really be an effective one. To me it feels like a very sad attempt to bring in an ‘original series’ species without any really connective tissue to the original series episode.  I mean, The Organians, when we meet them on TOS, are non-corporeal beings who force a peace treaty between Humans and Klingons implying that they are an overly peaceful species but, here they are expiramenting on random people to ‘test them’ to see how they react to their own infirmed.  It’s….kinda dumb really.  In a way I almost feel that this should have been some early Q discovering humanity and testing their mettle but, no… it’s Organians doing things that really don’t feel all that ‘Organian’.

All that aside, I have to say that the actors getting to play ‘versions’ of themselves possessed by the Organians, well, they do a pretty good job at it.  Plus, we do get to learn more about Tripp’s and Hoshi’s lives prior to Starfleet so, that’s a thing, otherwise, well, you can just skip it.  Not much to see here really.  

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • The Cardassians are mentioned by the Organians.  So, we know that the Cardassian society exists at this time.
  • The Organians claim they will wait 5000 years before making first contact with Humanity….yeah…about that…

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Late To The Game 11/8/2021

You can really feel his faith of the heart.

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