Continuing from Babel One, Archer has his hands full.  Originally broadcast on February 4, 2005 this is United.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog Date November 15, 2154

The Romulans detect Reed and Tucker on the drone ship and try to kill them using g-forces while also planning for their latest attack.  Disguised as the Enterprise it attacks a Rigellian ship in an attempt to get the Federation into war. However, the drone is damaged in this attack.

When the Rigellians demand Archer be tried for his crimes (that he didn’t commit) Archer finds things getting even more complicated as Shran is determined to kill the Tellerite Ambassadors after his lover dies from a wound caused by the Tellarite Naarg.  Meanwhile hostilities between, well, everyone come to a head when Shran challenges the Tellarite Naarg to a fight to the death via Ushann.   Archer steps in as Naarg’s proxy and is forced to fight Shran.  When Archer bests Shran and the Andorian refuses to yield, Archer chops off the Andorian’s antenna.  Even though it will regrow, Shran will have to deal with a significant balance issue for a while. 

On the drone, Tripp and Reed are able to damage it further allowing Enterprise to catch up to it before the Romulans can repair the Warp Drive. Reed and Tucker escape the ship before it gets away. After the battle Shran and the Tellarites begin peace agreements based on the fact that this drone ship is a danger to all of them and they should become allies in order to defeat it.   Back on Romulus we discover that the pilot of the drone is a white skinned blind Andorian….

To be continued

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

This is a great middle moment episode that pushes the story closer to the initial purpose of this series,  the creation of The Federation.  It is ironic in a way that it is one of the Federations biggest enemies, the Romulans themselves, that were essentially responsible for the creation of the Federation.  Due to their attempt at destabilizing the region, they inadvertently caused multiple species who never agreed to join forces and fight together.  If only real life were that simple huh?

Personally, I love how Archer steps up as the leader of the multispecies armada.  THIS is the Archer that I missed in the previous season.  Here is a hopeful Archer who sees the best in all species even when the odds are against him.   He is even so determined to see this through that he is willing to sacrifice his life in order to ensure the future of the galaxy and the Federation to come.  Again, THIS is the Archer I missed and I am so glad to see him back in full form

Overall, this is a very satisfactory episode that really hits all the right notes.  I do love how the writers manage to maintain continuity by having the Romulans attack via drone ships.  Honestly, that is pretty brilliant. Once again, I have to give props to the amazing Jeffery Combs.  Shran is an amazing character that I am so glad has had a chance to grow even further in this series.  To see him as one of the influential people in the creation of the Federation and peace between the founding members, it’s just fantastic.  Only one more episode in this story to go…and not many more this season….

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • We learn that the Vulcan High Command has been disbanded.
  • We learn more about Andorian tradition and how a fallen Andorian’s blood is taken back to their home planet in honor of their sacrifice.  
  • Tucker plays a great joke on Reed pretending that he was going to put a reprimand in Reed’s file.

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