Androids and a case of the missing scientist. Originally broadcast on October 20, 1966 this is What Are Little Girls Made Of?

The Episode:

Captain’s Log Stardate 2712.4

Enterprise investigates the last communication with a missing prominent scientist, only to discover that the scientist in question, Doctor Korby and some of his team have survived and are living underground.  It is soon discovered that the expedition team are actually super realistic androids who use people to duplicate into robotic clones.  Nurse Chapel, who was once engaged to Korby, is shocked when Korby duplicates Kirk but Kirk throws a monkey wrench into the process by giving the Android false memories.  We learn that Korby’s plans have been to slowly colonize space with Android replicants and, after Kirk escapes and learns of ‘the old ones’ who built machines that were too powerful. It seems that Korby is doing the same thing once again.  In the end, after a scuffle with Kirk, it is revealed that Korby himself is an android duplicate.  Knowing that they will never feel true love, Korby’s ‘friend’ Andrea confesses her love for Korby and kills herself and Korby with a phaser.  Kirk and the crew carry on and Nurse chapel must deal with the loss of her former fiancé.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

This is a fascinating episode that brings the question if androids have the same rights as humans, especially if those androids are based off of actual humans.  In a way this is a precursor to the advent of the Soong type android which brings to question, what happened to these specific androids and the technology that created them? While it can be debated that these androids were not as advanced as the Soong type, the fact that Dr Korby was completly self aware that he was in fact an Android and Roger brings the possibility that they are.  In fact, even though their origins are rather mysterious only referencing ‘the old ones’, that these could have been early Arik Soong androids that Noonian Soong would later expand upon.   Sure, it is explained that ‘the old ones’ were destroyed by the Androids in a revolution of sorts but….what if that too were a false memory?

The Episode itself is a solid one, and even though Kirk essentially ‘forces’ himself on the android woman in order to ‘change her mind’ the story itself is a good one.  The concept that a race of androids have developed and plan to take over the galaxy over time to prevent organic beings from taking over.  Thinking about this, what if these were a precursor to the Borg themselves?  It would not me much of a stretch going from a race that transferred consciousness into androids only to find themselves rejected by humans and, ultimately deciding that the best way to proceed would be a true mesh of biology and technology.  Whatever the case may be,  What Little Girls Are Made Of is a solid Scifi heavy Trek episode in every way.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • Red Shirts Killed: 2:2 in fact this episode is technically the first time redshirts die in the series!

  • We learn that Nurse Chapel was once engaged.

  • You might recognize Ted Cassidy in the role of Ruk.  He also played Lurch in the classic series The Addams Family.

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Late To The Game 12/22/2021

sometimes it’s hard being the Captain

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