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There were key movies in my life that helped to make me who I am today. Movies that I have loved from the moment the opening credit rolled and still love now. This blog series is about those, My guilty pleasures, my favorites, my escapes. Some were very popular, others not so much. Some of these will have some real life take-aways, others are just for fun.

Today face the final chapter in the Wishmaster saga because apparently I have a wish to torture myself with bad movies on occasion.  I love a good horror movie, I love a good B-movie and this one is neither. So, because I just don’t know when to stop, here is Wishmaster The Prophecy Fulfilled.

Today’s Key Movie:

The Djinn is back to wreck havoc on the world only to come between a woman and her boyfriend when the Beast falls in love with Beauty.

Why this movie?

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know why.  This is the last film in this franchise and for reasons beyond my understanding I made it my mission to cover them all. So here we are at the end of a film series that started decently and fell into a whole it never found it’s way out of.  I had hoped that by the time we got to this last one this would have changed but no, not in the least, but I have to say, this one actually makes the last one look okay.  Not good mind you, nothing could do that, but okay.  

I honestly thought that I had seen this at some point but, if I had it was so bad I burned it out of my brain. To say that this fourth entry is a b-movie is an insult to b-movies,  this is more like a F or a G movie with dreams of being a soft X.  Starting with a really lame voiceover that sounded worse than the lamest planetarium narration, Wishmaster the Prophecy Fulfilled then goes ahead and wastes no time getting to it’s skinemax nature with a sex scene that literally comes out of left field. 

The story follows Lisa, a young woman who is having relationship problems with her boyfriend who is wheelchair bound due to a motorcycle accident. Lisa soon encounters the Djinn who takes over her lawyers body and…ends up falling in love with her because her lawyer loved her anyhow.  Determined to figure out human love the Djinn begins to court Lisa in order to figure out how to grant her final wish but of course that doesn’t work. The Djinn’s people show up demanding that he complete his task,  then an angel who looks kinda like a Highlander shows up to stop the Djinn from fulfilling the last wish…then I almost fell asleep…then the Djinn is defeated in some convoluted way and it’s over. Thankfully. 

Sounds like another crapfest, does it at least have any redeemable qualities? 

No,  sorry, this one was almost too bad to even watch.  I mean, it’s really bad.  Much like the last one, the only way to redeem this movie is to add it to MST3K or Rifftrax but even that would be painful to watch. 

Once again, the cast pretty much just phones in their roles.  They try, oh boy do they try but it seems director Chris Angel (no not the magician), just didn’t have it in him to get their best work out of them.  This cast just kind of flounders around a very weak story with a very very weak script coupled with, well just a bad production overall.  Keep in mind, this was yet another direct to video release so I didn’t expect it to be the best film ever but this bad?  No, I honestly didn’t think there could be worse than part 3. Boy was I ever wrong.

Now surly the special effects are halfway decent?  Right? This is a horror movie, surely they spent money on the effects, or the makeup at least?!  Nope.  Not at all.  Like the last one it is apparent that they spent their entire budget on the costume which looks like something they borrowed from an early Power Rangers episode, or, since I leaned that this and the last film were filmed back to back, they spent the money for the chance at one decent film only to make two train wrecks that have little to no redeeming qualities. How bad could the special effects be?  Well, for example, there is a scene where a guy cuts his nose off.  You literally see it being removed. Nit a second later he still has his nose but it’s just covered in fake blood.  NO attempt at any kind of mask or makeup, just a bloody nose.  

Cuts his nose off…or does he?

Ok, these films are know for some pretty inventive wishes and deaths by these wishes, SURELY this film at least delivers there?  Once again, no.  I tried to find some redemption in this but not only are the deaths less than inventive but the wish fulfillment is unimaginative at best.  There is a moment where someone comments that they ‘wished they could be kissed like that’ after watching a couple make out, only for the Djinn to cause nearly every person in the restaurant to kiss her.  Not all at once or violently, just come up and kiss her.  Annoying at best, kinda gross and rapey at worst but not really the Djinn’s best work.  This Djinn, played once again by John Novak,  seems to have been neutered somewhere along the way. He just doesn’t have it in him to do what Djinns do making this entry the literal death knell for the franchise and forcing this promising premise to be forgotten as nothing more than a side note in the encyclopedia of horror.

Bottom line, like the last one, avoid this one at all costs.  It’s really bad and really not worth your time.  If you want to enjoy Wishmaster, just stop at the first one because all that these sequels do is make you forget just how good that first film was.  Wishmaster The Prophecy Fulfilled fulfills nothing but the strange adolescent wish to watch a porn with a plot so that you feel good about your life choices.  It’s bad in every way and one that might require copious amounts of alcohol for most people just to get through it with their sanity intact.  

OK, where do I get this movie?

You really don’t want this movie. Seriously.  If you want to torture yourself, go find a copy for rent and then spend your money on something else. You might even go pull a fingernail off because even that would be less painful than this movie.  I mean, here is the trailer, it’s really all you need.  TRUST ME.

Late To The Game 3/17/2022 (05/20/2021)

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