This is it, Part Two of the intense and epic story about the Keylon invasion and the betrayal of Isaac.   Will the crew of The Orville manage to stop the Keylons or will we have a series about a crew of robots controlling Earth?

The Episode:

With the ship under the control of the Keylons and leading a Keylon fleet to Earth, the crew of The Orville must find a way to reach Isaac and stop the invasion or die trying.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

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This is certainly a darker episode than we have seen so far.  From the outright destruction of Union ships to the loss of actual crew members, this one holds no punches.  I honestly did not expect a battle of this magnitude to be portrayed in this series but it was as if Seth McFarlane saw the Battle of Wolf 359 and asked Picard to hold Seth’s cup of Earl Grey.  What follows is one of the most spectacular and game changing battles that this series has seen and it is impressive, not quite Dominion War impressive but certainly close.

What Seth McFarlane is doing with this series is nothing short of genius.  He has managed to create a universe as vast as any other scifi series but with one big difference, this one feels real.  Somehow between the fart jokes, the practical Jokes and the episodes centering on Urination, Seth has made us fall for the crew of The Orville and really had us rooting for them to pull through, even though we knew they had to in the end.

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Standing out in this episode us Scott Grimes as Lt. Gordon Malloy.  They guy gets some of the best moments and, in true Last Starfighter fashion, he defends the frontier.  There is also a wonderfully unlikely pairing of Yaphit and Claire’s son Ty.  It shouldn’t work, but it does.

While many folk have been seeing this series as only a series of cliche’s it seems that Seth even addressed that with a simple line: ‘Cliche’s become Cliched because they are valid enough to bare endless repetition.’  So, I welcome his slightly cliched and endlessly fun universe as this series just keeps getting better!

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

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  • So Issac can no longer return home due to his actions in helping defeat the Kaylon armada.
  • The Krill and Humanity are at a crossroads.  I have no doubt that this will be the subject of one of the next episodes. Maybe we will see the return of Teleya?
  • I wonder how the dynamic between Issac and the rest of the crew will change going forward in the series, as I am sure some will eye him with suspicion.
  • Oh and remember those new shields the Orville received in Deflectors?   Yeah, Surprisingly they really didn’t help. I guess that wasn’t a setup after-all.

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Late To The Game 3/3/2019

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Now that your mom isn’t seeing Isaac anymore, tell how awesome I am okay kid?

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