This is a band you likely have never heard of but will sound interestingly familiar. The band, Tripping Daisy, was formed in the early 90’s in Dallas Texas.  For nearly a decade they performed as a band until the unfortunate death of their lead Guitarist Wes Berggren.  Then it was over, but they left behind a legacy of semi-grunge/psychedelic rock.  This is how we come to Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb, their third and possibly finest album.

Why This Album?

Tripping daisy 2

I fell across Tripping Daisy like I did most of my music via CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 61 to be specific.  Along with bands like Bob Mould, Imperial Teen, Black Eyed Peas, Korn, Rancid and even Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, this was quite the compilation.   The track that really struck me though was track number 14 and a song called Sonic Bloom.

It had a sound I really didn’t expect, something genuine and well a bit trippy (no pun intended).   Ever on the quest for new music I soon found myself hunting down the album this song came from and finally picked up the album Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb. Boy was I in for a treat.

Immediately I was hit with a rock riff that lead into crazy watery vocals from Tim DeLaughter.  It was catchy and fun, it was exactly the kind of music I was after.   Every track continued with a sound reminiscent of the 60’s psychedelic rock that I had come to appreciate due to my father and his varied collection of music. A little bit latter Beatles, a little bit Jefferson Airplane, Tripping Daisy had just the right amount of vintage inspiration to hit all the right spots for me.

The album itself seemed to have no real theme, just a disjointed sampling of songs that were interconnected only by their strange absurdity and, to be honest, it was really refreshing.  This was certainly  not a well polished studio album but a raw almost under produced gem, like finding a diamond in a mountain side and leaving it caked with dirt but appreciating it’s natural beauty anyhow.

Sadly I never got to see the band live mostly due to my discovering them near the end of their career.  Thankfully Tim and other members of the band have continued as another band that has some interesting sonic similarities to this album, you may have heard of them the new band is called Polyphonic Spree and they are pretty fantastic as well.

 Favorite Tracks?

The first track I heard is still among my favorite tracks.   It is called Sonic Bloom and it is wonderful.


The next one that I always thought was just a cool song is track 5, Geeareohdoubleyou. (sound it out)


The next track is a little more polished but is just as magical.  Track Two: Waited A Light Year.

Ok, Where do I get it?

A physical copy of this album is a little challenging to get these days having been out of print for quite some time.  Sometimes you will get lucky and run across a copy on ebay or in a record store.  For a long time it was simply not available even via a digital means until recently when it appeared on Spotify with their other albums. If you do find a physical copy of this one, grab it with both hands and don’t let go.  I highly recommend giving it a spin before it vanishes again.  It’s cool, it’s quirky, it’s Tripping Daisy.

Late to the Game 9/11/18

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