Colossal (2016) Movie Mini Review

This is a clever film through and through. About a young woman (played by Anne Hathaway) dealing with alcoholism who unknowingly is responsible for the strange appearance of a kaiju (giant monster) in Seoul, South Korea. And then, things get strange. This is one of those cool films that deals with important issues, human emotion … Continue reading Colossal (2016) Movie Mini Review

IT Mini Series (1990) mini review

I remember watching this when it first aired and boy was it scary. Tim Curry was the stuff of nightmares and we were left side stepping sewer grates well into adulthood. Now, 27 years later, things have changed. Curry still dominates the screen but the two-episode series feels rushed and a little unfullfilling. Still watchable … Continue reading IT Mini Series (1990) mini review

Mini Movie Review: Batman & Harley Quinn

This latest entry in the Animated DC universe is a very strange and sometimes disturbing one. At worst, It seems to have been based on prepubescent fan fiction; at best it takes place in an odd alternate universe loosely based on Batman the Animated Series. I had fun watching it despite itself but its not … Continue reading Mini Movie Review: Batman & Harley Quinn

Movie Mini Review: Kong Skull Island

'Lets go to an island and anger a giant species of animals because humans know better' the movie. Kong Skull Island is a silly, fun and very predictable giant monster movie. If you like fun Giant Monster movies then this is for you, if not, you aren't missing anything by skipping this one. Late To … Continue reading Movie Mini Review: Kong Skull Island