Marvel knocks another one out of the park.  In story, visual effects, characters and tone, Thor Ragnarok is absolutely the best of the Thor films and one of the best of the film series overall.

The story deals with Thor, having ventured off to find answers and things at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron.  After a brief battle with a certain fiery creature he returns home only to find his brother on the throne and his father in exile.   They venture out to reunite with their father only to end up pawns in someone else’s game.

The film is a lengthy jaunt through living versions of Jack Kirby’s amazing art and some of the best bits of Planet Hulk.  All in all, it moves the narrative forward and sets things up nicely for the next entry. It is totally worth the watch.

The problem now is it is hard to even try to pick your favorite as they all serve as parts of a greater story.  It’s like saying that a specific chapter in a great book is better than the others, such a thing is just not thought of that way.

Late to the Game 11/5/17


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