The Twilight Zone has been a mainstay for me for most of my life.  Along with Star Trek, The original Twilight Zone series was a one that I would watch regularly with my dad. Every night in syndication we would watch another of Rod Serling’s classic tales and I would find myself swept into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

Fast forward 60 years later and once again the journey into imagination has returned.  This time however, writer Director Jordan Peele is at the helm and, after two successful films, he takes on the classic that started sixty years ago.

So, let’s explore the latest episode of  The Twilight Zone.

The Episode:

Nightmare at 30,000 Feet

Air-travel. Since the events of 9/11 air-travel has been one of the most involved and stressful events in any travelers life. Justin Sanderson (Adam Scott) is an investigative reporter dealing with a serious case of PTSD who happens to take a flight that crosses paths with terror.  As he travels to his next destination he soon finds that the podcast he is listening to describes his own flight in harrowing detail leading to what may be it’s very disappearance.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

nightmare 1

This week we were treated to not one but two episodes. Upon seeing the title of this entry, I immediately thought that this would be yet anoth remake of the original classic Terror at 10,000 feet staring William Shatner (and later John Lithgow in the feature film).  Having already been done twice I was not looking forward to yet another rendition of this tale. I could not have been more mistaken in my assumption.

nightmare 2

Nightmare at 30,000 feet is a modern tale that captures the fear of flying many have but seen through the lens of the Twilight Zone.  Instead of the threat coming from an outside source, this tale embraces the paranoia and fear by making it real through the use of a podcast that Justin Sanderson listens to during his travels. The podcast somehow manages to narrate the events that lead to the disappearance of the flight he is on yet, no matter how hard he tries, no one believes his foreknowledge of their impending doom.

nightmare 4

Lead Adam Scott has been a comedy standard since his days on the series Boy Meets World.  Although he is typically known for his humor, he manages to present a very believable paranoid traveler who is convincing throughout the episode. I was very impressed with his ability to be the primary lead in this episode, carrying the story from start to finish with complete conviction. Interestingly enough both this episode and the last was filled with known comedic actors in the lead roles including the host, Jordan Peele.  It seems that humor and horror share more in common than most believe as they both tend evoke a state of raw emotion that are exposed in very different ways.

Bottom Line:

While the episode had less of a morality play than the last there is still a lesson to be learned. The lesson, simply that sometimes, things are best left alone. Often the answer to life’s hardest moments is to just do nothing.

With a great story and a clever ending, this episode shows that this series certainly has what it takes to embody the soul of the original series while allowing host and producer Jordan Peele to give it it’s own unique flavor. As I said before, if you wanted any reason to subscribe to CBSAllAcess, this may be the one you were looking for.

Late To The Game 4/1/2019

Next Episode: Rewind

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