Things I’m Grateful For.

– hot showers. How the hell could you not like those?

– coffee. In any form.

– my wife. Someone who ‘gets’ me and accepts me for all my quirks. What more can you ask of a person?

– hot link sausages. Good Lord man. Wrap a baked hot link in a tortilla and BAM instant meal. Delish!

– working with good folk. I’m on a good team of people in my daily life. While we all sometimes clash we all get why we are there. Ok most of us… 😉

– still being alive today. I mean jeez, with everything going in in the world, one more day alive is something to be grateful for indeed.

– well developed controls in a Video game. Holy crap. A great game can be ruined if the control scheme sucks. I applaud those that make great ones.

– Growing up in the 80’s/90’s. Those were some interesting and wonderful formative years.

– clinical strength deodorant/anti-perspirant. ‘Nuff said.

Late For The Game 8/9/17

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