Palomar is one of those bands that once you stumble on them, there’s no going back. Formed in 1998, the Brooklyn band, led by founding member Rachel Warren, is a melodic joy that harkens back to the musical creativity that came out of the early 1990’s. With five albums behind them, there is a lot to love here. Current lineup includes: Rachel Warren, Christina Prostano, Sarah Brockett, Dale W. Miller.

From Rachel’s endearing lyrics and voice to the powerful support of Christina, Sarah and Dale, this band is one of music’s best kept secrets.

Album to try out: All Things, Forest 2007 Misra records.

Where to find  ‘em:

The Disciplines

The Disciplines is the not-so-secret side project from one of the Posies founding members Ken Stringfellow.  As their facebook page puts it: [Ken] lives in Paris. He was in some other bands. He met some guys from Norway. They were in some other bands. Then, they got together and became the greatest rock & roll band of all time. The end.

Combining the clever songwriting and lead vocals of Ken Stringfellow and the classic rock sound of his Norwegian band mates, this band is nothing but pure enjoyment with each track on both of their two albums released thus far.

Album to try out: Virgins of Menace 2011 Rock My Ass Records

Where to find ‘em:

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers combine the jangy strum of folk with a mix of rock and a sprinkle of playful humor to make a unique sound that creates what they call “Folk Grunge”.  Formed by brothers Seth and Scott Avett, this band, this North Carolina band began it’s origins under the name Nemo.  After much experimenting they released their first album “Country Was” in 2002 and now, 9 full length albums later, they have plenty to offer a new fan.

For something fresh and fun, try them out, you will not be disappointed.

Album to try out: Emotionalism 2007 Ramseur Records

Where to find ‘em:

There you have it.  3 bands to start off the year 2018 that are guaranteed to please. Give them a try, you will not regret it.


Late to The Game 12/28/17

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