Things I’m Grateful For:

– The Posies (band) if want to know why, read my last post.

– My dog nuzzling me to wake me up.

– Having time to be creative. Whether it’s telling a story, customizing a figure, taking photos or working on a different project. Creativity has been a major part of my life.

– Being able to cook. When I was a child, My mom made sure that I had the basic skills to survive. Cooking for myself was one of them.

– Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror. These are the genre’s I grew up with. They have been a big part of who I am for as long as I can remember.

– The Internet. What a miraculous and wondrous place. It’s a place you can visit without ever going anywhere. It is literally information at your fingertips. But, like all Things, it has its dangers. It is truly a second world to our own.

– Having lived the pre-internet world. It was such a different place. Glad to have known it. Miss it sometimes.

– Iced Tea. I don’t imbibe so this is my primary vice. Unsweetened Iced Tea. Nothing like a tall glass fresh from the fridge.

– Late to the Game 8/12/17

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