Man, is this show a rollercoaster. Now another good episode after a mediocre one.

This episode deals with Sareks ‘bond’ with Michael Burnam. She carries part of his katra in her so she feels when he is in danger and also the reverse. His life is in danger so they go to save him.of course, he has some secrets that threaten the rescue and things get difficult. Because why wouldn’t they?

The B-story deals with Lorca and some of his personal secrets. It’s some decent character development.

Then there’s the guy Lorca saved in the last episode. He’s obviously a spy, probably a Klingon spy, most likely the albino Klingon but Lorca trusts him enough to make him Security Chief aboard the Discovery . Lorca is either an idiot or one cunning S.O.B.

Overall though, this episode (once again) shows the potential the series has and I really wish it would stay the course.

It’s like this series is a bad partner, just when I am about to give up on it due to fear of being hurt, it shows me its good side and pulls me back in.

Looks like I’ll be back again for more next week, maybe the beatings have finally stopped.

Late To The Game 10/22/17

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