ALIEN has been and will be one of my favorite film franchises of all time. This movie is a perfect blend of horror and sci-fi with one of the best female actors of the 80’s, Sigourney Weaver, at the lead. So, when Hot Toys announced that they would be making a 1/6 scale version of Ellen Ripley (Weaver) I was all in from the start. So now, after many delays and over a year of waiting, I present the Hot Toys Alien Ellen Ripley Figure.

The Box:

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The box is a standard slip cover box that has proper movie themed treatment. The front depicts Ripley in the standard green and black motif fro the film. The ALIEN logo is proudly displayed across the front with a faint ‘W” logo depicting the Weyland Yutani corps from the film series.

The Back of the box has a slight ‘in universe’ feel to it arranged to look somewhat like a computer readout.

Pull the slip cover off and you get a look at the figure and all the accessories, firmly tucked in her plastic cryo chamber.

One thing I love about Hot Toys is that they are always sure to give credit where credit is due so the entire back of the box depicts the names of the production team who worked on this piece.

What’s Inside:

Inside you will find the figure, of course, and a nice arrangement of accessories. Not a ton, but enough not to feel like you got cheated.


Ripley comes packed with her iconic flame thrower, her large tracking device, her wristwatch, a really detailed stand and of course Jones the Cat with carrying case. The only thing they could have added that would have really made this figure pop would have been a 1/6 scale facehugger but then again, this isn’t ALIENS Ripley, this is ALIEN Ripley so maybe less is more.


Ripley Figure 10

Out of the box the figure is most definitely Sigourney Weaver. However, at some angles she does resemble Adrienne Barbeau but they did have some similar qualities so that could be a trick of the light. The one bit I think was a mistake on her head was showing her teeth ever so slightly, it throws the sculpt off a bit but it’s a minor complaint. One major part on this one is the hair. There are two factions on this, one liking the sculpted and the other wishing for rooted. I for one am happy with the sculpted hair as I am afraid rooted would have made her look too ‘doll’ like. There are some customizers out there who have done a terrific job with rooting hair but getting that quality from a factory is tough, especially with curly hair like hers.

Ripley access 2

The accessories, with one exception, are spot on. Everything appears movie accurate and are presented quite nicely. The cat is my biggest complaint.

While better than the original prototype photos, it still looks…cheap? In many ways I think the company Schleich could have done a better job and that is sad considering how detailed Hot Toys is. They could have done much better.

Ripley access 6
Ugly ass cat

Ripley access 4

The stand is a work of art in itself. Designed to look like the deck plating from the Nostromo, it is extremely well done and really is a nice add on. Not too tall either so it won’t make her look odd standing with the rest of your figures.

The shoes are sculpted too and they look perfect.


Hot Toys gets better and better at the human skin paint ap and this one is no exception. Very clean and realistic in every way. The hair could have used a little touching up but overall she is great. The paint app on the accessories is terrific, each even have the slight ‘grimy’ look to them just like they did in the film. The cat is passable but not great.

Ripley access 1
Look at that Grime!!!


This is really a high mark for this figure. Everything is spot on. The jumpsuit is put together extremely well and even the multiple layers don’t make this figure look bulky at all. The undershirt even has the proper logo treatment so if you want to pose her with the jump suit top around her waist you can and it will look great. Sorry folks, she doesn’t come with a set of tighty whities to recreate the cryo sleep scene, you’ll have to get those yourself.

Ripley Figure 7
Excellent sculpted shoes.


She has standard articulation in all the places you would expect. Due to the hair, you can’t do any extreme head poses but there really isn’t any reason to.


Ripley Figure 2

I am really happy with this figure and glad that they finally released this piece. While not 100% perfect, she is every bit the figure I expected and I am quite pleased. Now I may have to grab a Big Chap alien to go with her…

Where To Get:

She is available at the time of this writing from Sideshow but you can also get her from people like BigBadToyStore , Alter Ego Comics, and Toy WIz. She will run you around $229 from Sideshow and up from there. I personally wouldn’t pay much more for her but seeing how long she took to come out, she may not last long at that price.

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: 1/6 scale Shocking Guy and My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko.


Late To The Game 10/23/17

Ripley Figure 11
Those Teeth! Ugh. but it could be worse…

3 thoughts on “Action Figure Review: Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Ellen Ripley (Alien)

  1. I am a huge Alien fan myself, and this figure does look very cool. I have to admit that I agree with the cat though, that really does look cheap. Other than that: it looks amazing. Great! Thanks for sharing this 😊

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    1. Thanks! This is one I have been chomping at the bit for. I saw the Aliens version with the Powerloader at SDCC this year. It’s tempting but I have a ‘ one figure per character’ rule too keep my collecting under control. So this will be my only Ripley. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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