In ‘Majority Rule’, The Orville goes into darker territory with a story that could be straight out of Black Mirror. (Okay maybe it is).

This time the crew find themselves on an Earth-like planet who’s society determines the fate of each citizen using a Reddit-like up and down voting system. This system applies to everything from daily life to capital offenses. The ‘away team’ visits the planet looking for two Union Officers who have been conducting undercover research. They soon discover that the Officers They are searching for have been ‘corrected’ and, of course, one of the ‘away team’ gets downvoted and has to deal with the fallout.

Like many of the classic Star Trek episodes, this episode of The Orville is a direct comment on social media and how people are influenced by the ‘herd’ mentality. Sadly it’s not too far off base to how where things may be heading for our own society.

This series keeps getting better and, while this one had a fairly predictable outcome, it still has a very Star Trek feel.

Late To The Game 10/29/17

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