In this episode the Crew beam an endangered creature called a Jormungandr aboard the ship. Unfortunately inside of it is one Harry Mudd and he is there to get his revenge on Captain Lorca by stealing and selling the Discovery to the Klingons. After attacking the crew he sets off a time device that causes the ship to go into a time loop after its destroyed, resetting the events of the day. It’s basically Groundhogs day in space. The ‘B’ story deals with Burnhams relationship issues and her feeling for the new security Cheif. Oh boy will she be upset to discover that, if rumors are true, he’s a Klingon spy.

This one is the first episode so far that has, to me, felt like the series is finding it’s feet. Its an odd episode, choosing some very indirect ways to face the episodes threat but it works. This series still doesn’t feel like the Star Trek I am accustomed to but I realize that it is not and will not be my Star Trek and that is ok. My major complaint now, outside of the Klingnots, is that there is a distinct lack of characters in this series. Most of the crew could be replaced by talking lamp posts and the story would still play out. This, to me, is problematic as I am finding no attachment to anyone onboard the Discovery.

Rainn Wilson is terrific as Mudd and I look forward to more of his antics. He has the potential to be this series ‘Q’. Plus his story was a nice prelude to some original series moments.

Once again, I am intrigued by where this show could go and if will ever get there although I still think it would be better as part of the Kelvin universe.

Late To The Game 10/29/17

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