One of the fun things about writing this series is rediscovering some of my all time favorite albums.  Today’s article is partially responsible for reintroducing me to an album I all but forgot about although it was one that I absolutely loved when it first hit.   The album in question, is musicforthemorningafter by Pete Yorn and today’s Stand Out Album.

Why This Album?

yorn cover

I first discovered Pete Yorn, and in turn this very album, via the soundtrack for a pretty fun film entitled Me Myself and Irene.  I won’t go too deep into that album as I plan to cover that next week but the only reason I picked it up was due to another band, The Foo Fighters.  You see, I had been a fan of The Foo Fighters for some time by the time the soundtrack came out and, not really paying attention to the title of the song, I picked up the soundtrack thinking that it was a new song that had been added.  Getting it home I was somewhat dissapointed to discover that I had not gotten a new track but one off of their 1999 album There is Nothing Left To Lose.  Although disappointed, I gave the soundtrack a try and quickly discovered that this was one of the best soundtrack to be released in some time introducing me to another band I never really appreciated before.  (more on that later) The album also  lead me to the track entitled ‘Strange Condition’ by Pete Yorn and that was in and of itself something special.

This track enticed me. There was something about Yorn’s mournful voice that hit all the right wavelengths for me and I had to find more from this incredible singer.  I soon tracked down the album musicforthemorningafter and was delighted to learn that not only was Strange Condition on the album but the rest of his music was as good if not better.

I listened intently as Yorn crooned about love, loss and much more all perfectly fitting in with my then very lost life as a twenty-something.  Yorn was one that connected on all aspects with what I was going through and man I loved every second.  What makes this album all the more special is that this is literally a solo album with Yorn playing every instrument in every song by himself.  This is a testament to his incredible talent that has somehow escaped the notice of much of the music industry after this album’s release.

Somehow I too lost track of Yorn after this.  Maybe it was my whirlwind life growing up and moving all over the country with my wife or maybe it was the shifting sands of my musical tastes but recently I rediscovered Yorn with the song that started it all on the soundtrack that started it all, Me Myself and Irene. Once again I found myself longing for more of this incredible musician and being delighted to find the familiar tracks from back in the early 2000’s.

Rediscovering musicforthemorningafter and the music of Pete Yorn was like reconnecting with an old friend who had moved away for a while.  I was pleased to discover that this old friend was still out there making music and has not lost an iota of his initial and apparent talent even some 18 years later.  Heck, the guy even recorded an album with Scarlett Johansson and it is pretty amazing.

The album itself is a solid rocking ‘folk rock’ album that is both introspective and accessible through and through.  It is an album of insights and suggestions with Yorn there guiding you through the ups and downs of life in all of it’s colors.  There is something truly mesmerizing about this album that will have you leaving it on repeat for days after you start listening to it, never getting old, just getting better with each spin.

Favorite Tracks

Murray is an upbeat song that seems to be about how people you know change even when you are watching them carefully.  That no one can ever remain the same and, hell, why should they?

Strange Condition is the track that hooked me and remains a favorite to this day. It also happens to be one of my favorite to Karaoke if it is on the list.  It’s a great tune and one you will not soon forget.

A Girl Like You (Silent Intro Version).  The final track on the regular album and it is a soulful and gorgeous love song in a way that only Yorn could do.  Stripped down with him and an acoustic guitar it is something great to polish off a wonderful album.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This is one you may have to find used but they pop up here from time to time.   I do recommend picking up a copy as it is a blast.  Until you find one, Spotify is your safety net.

Late to the Game 6/2/2020

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