We start the episode in the middle of a battle with the Klingnots only to learn that the Klingnots have gained the upperhand in the war with the Federation. This is a total non-threat to the overall ‘universe’ as we know that the Federation survives intact but to the Discovery? Who knows? (And do we really care yet?)

The Discovery escapes and sends an away team (Tyler, Burnham and Saru) to a planet that sings. Okay, not si.gs exactly but everything on the planet vibrates at a specific frequency and Starfleet thinks they can use that to disrupt the Klingons cloaking screens. Of course we know that ultimately doesn’t work (due to history and all) but Saru gets possessed by a blue alien mist (that looks too much like the fungus spores from the ship but isn’t) and things get wierd. I love Doug Jones but I really don’t like Saru.

We also see more of the kidnapped Federation Admiral with the Klingnots as she attempts to escape. Oh and guess what albino Klingnot is no where to be seen? Hmmmmmmm

Anyhow, this is only part one of two and it was just okay. The Klingnot parts were much better this time around but they still look wrong in every way. Its also the end of the first half of the season until January. By their track record part 2 should(?) be better. Maybe?

Late To The Game 11/6/17

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