This is the mid-season finale to what has probably been the most tumultuous season of Star Trek I’ve witnessed. This series really doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about the episode.

This is the second part of a loose 2-part episode, part one seemed like a waste as nothing was really accomplished, this is by far the best of the two parts.

In this episode the Discovery goes head to head with the Klingnot ‘ship of the dead’ and they believe they have a way to expose the cloaking shields used by the Klingnots.

Michael and ‘maybe Klingnot’ Tyler board the ship to install sensors in order to send signals back to the Discovery.

It does have a definitive ending to a major story line so if you have been following the series so far, there is some payoff to be had. Don’t let that fool you though, Modern Trek is know for it’s cliffhangers and boy does this have a doosey.

Overall it is a solid mid season Finale and, dispite my misgivings thus far, it has promise of good things to come. However, much like being in a bad relationship, I’m a little gun-shy and hope that this wasn’t just Discovery dressing sexy to lure me back for more abuse.

I plan to write up a full review of the season soon but if you’ve been reading my episodic reviews you should pretty much have an idea how I feel about it. :/

Late To The Game 11/12/17

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