If you have been reading my reviews then you are already familiar with my love of the Vynl line.   For those of you new to my page then take a look at my previous reviews here and here. I’ll give you a few minutes.


Okay, so now you know that I absolutely adore these new vinyl figure sets and look forward to many more to come.  From the cute paint apps to the design, these are killer pieces.   Today I am discussing a set that may be my absolute favorite so far.  Freddy + Jason

 Today’s Figures:

The Freddy + Jason set is just plain cool.  This series is always released in pairs and, for the most part, the pairings make sense.  This one certainly does.  Featuring two of America’s favorite 80’s slashers, this set is the start to, what I hope to be, many more horror characters to come. Imagine Pinhead and Michael Myers in this line.  oh boy!  A boy can dream!

The Box:

The box is common fare for these.  Completely collector friendly, the box has a nice window with some cool blood spatter for that little extra umph.   On the back it shows the figures and of course their logos.

The figures are contained in a plastic clamshell case inside the box and everything can be safely resealed for storage.

What’s Inside:

Not much on accessories for these.  You get two figures, depicting our slasher feins and stands for them to sit on.  They don’t stand on their own very well, big heads and all.


The sculpts on these are pretty basic.

Vynl FJ Freddy  Freddy has his signature hat and clawed hand while Jason has his axe and bloody machete.  Some of the cool details on these include the slight nick in Freddy’s right ear and the uneven nature of Jason’s whole face.  Although minimal sculpting, you would certainly be able to tell who there were if they were unpainted.


This is where most of the work is.  The figures, although very simply done, have a very childish comic look to them.   Freddy’s burns are obvious but painted in a way that makes him adorable.  Not sure how they pulled it off but it works!   Jason, also quite adorable, has the signature details in his hockey mask.

Vynl FJ Jason

The paint is even and not sloppy on either of them and, outside of a little missed spot on Jason’s right eye, they are fairly perfect.


Nothing here, move along.


Only the heads move and really that is enough.   Maybe for future releases they will make the arms articulated but they really don’t need it. Although thoroughly playwith-able  These were meant to be on your shelf and not on the playground.


I love them.  I think these are some of the coolest vynl figures out.  The designs look very much like the ones from Joebot and I would not be surprised to learn that he had a hand in these.    I am looking forward to many more to come.

Vynl FJ Set

Where To Get:

These are just now arriving in stores and will start showing up everywhere before long.   Right now they run between $13-$16 and I expect they will only go up in value.

You can get them from Wildcard Toys here for $12.99

here from Nerdy Collectibles for $15.99

here from Toywiz for $14.99

Funko has a habit of vaulting the cool stuff so you better grab them fast if you dig ’em!

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here:  My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko and the PX Exclusive Daredevil from Mezco.

Late To The Game 11/28/17

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