Funko is known best for their wildly popular Pop Vinyl figure line. With every conceivable licence under their purview, they have set themselves up to be able to freely experiment with new and exciting for factors. In recent years they have done just that, with everything from 3 3/4 inch figures to a small vinyl line called Dorbz, they have something for every fan. Just when you think they can’t innovate any further they delight fans with something new and exciting. This year’s new and exciting line is indeed something to be excited about. Introducing ‘Vynl.’

Vynl. (Spelling and ‘period’ intentional) are some of the most clever and fun licensed collectibles to arrive on the market in some time. Today we review two of their first offerings presented as sets, Masters of the Universe (He-Man + Trap Jaw) and Nightmare Before Christmas ( Jack + Sally).


The Vynl. Figures come in collector friendly packaging with a plastic clamshell tray inside. To the pleasure of the ‘in-box’ collectors, the box has a large window that

Where is Skeletor?

showcases the figures and makes them easy to display without taking them out of the box. The box itself is not sealed with tape so even if you are an ‘out of box’ collector, you can still keep the packaging in pristine shape. One note, the Nightmare Before Christmas set has foil lettering that really pops.  The back of the boxes do a great job showing the figures and the logo.  the simple minimalist design works great, being careful not to overshadow the figures themselves.



Each release (so far) has two Figures, each with their own stands in which to display them. Without the stand, each figure stands approx 3.75 – 4 inches tall and are made of vinyl plastic.

The Masters of the Universe (MOTU) set comes with He-Man and Trap Jaw while the Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) contains Jack and Sally. I was surprised (and slightly disappointed) that the MOTU set didn’t have Skeletor instead. I guess we will have to wait for a future release. I think Trap Jaw would have been better paired with Man-at-Arms but that’s a small nit.


The sculpts on these are simple but get the point across. They are extremely cute and that is a huge part of their charm. With their oversize heads and tiny bodies, they all seem very much a part of the same series regardless of the license and that is a good thing.


He-Man comes with a sculpted sword and traditional ‘page-boy’ hair style, which, aside from the nose, is the only sculpted part of the head.

Trap Jaw has bit more going on with his sculpt. From the line of his jaw to the little ‘loop’ on the top, this sculpt is easily identifiable even unpainted. His right arm features his trademark robot appendage as well.


Sally’s biggest feature is her long curtain of hair. The hair nearly reaches her feet and from behind she could be mistaken for a groomed Cousin It. Not a bad thing, the hair fits the figure beautifully. The body sculpt is also very well done. Her hands are in front holding her basket with the bottle of nightshade.

Jack’s Skeleton head has very little sculpting but the paint more than makes up for it. We’ll discuss this later. His body is where this sculpt shines. From his iconic batwing bow tie to his signature suit tails this body is unmistakably Jack Skellington.

As for articulation, you can turn their heads. And honestly, that’s all they need.


The Paint apps on both of these sets are beyond perfect. The lines are smooth with no bleed or mess. Whatever process was used should be used more often as I have rarely seen such a flawless paint job. Trust me the pictures do not do them justice at all.


Most of the Facial features on these are done with paint and they do a terrific job. Both characters look angry but in a cute playful way. For both pieces their armor is entirely painted on and it also looks terrific.


All of the facial and most of the body details are done through the paint on these. From Sally’s stitched face to the pin stripes on Jack’s Suit these are flawless in every way. Both of these are extremely fun and look great together.


Both of these sets are perfect in their presentation and execution. If this is the future of Funko Vinyl after Pop, I am sold. A third set is also being released featuring Horror Icons Jason and Freddy but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on them yet. If I do I will certainly follow-up with an update.

Where is Skeletor?!

To me these are the true successors to the Pop Vinyl throne and could easily surpass its fandom in years to come.


Not a thing at all. These figures have no small parts and are rated for ages 3+.


These figures are releasing soon and are sure to be instant hits. As soon as you see them available, grab them. I have a feeling these will sell out quick.

They are currently running from $12.99 to $15 from various sellers and are well worth the cash. Entertainment Earth currently has them up for preorder as well.

There was also a limited edition Batgirl/Poison Ivy set released at SDCC 2017.  Really wished I had grabbed those now.

If this is the future of Funko Vinyl after Pop, I am sold.
This was the first release, only available at SDCC 2017.  Really wish I had grabbed a set now.


Late To The Game 9/5/17

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