I love action figures and collectibles. From 1/6 scale figures to starship models I love them all. So when Mezco introduced the new 1:12 scale line of figures I knew my wallet was in trouble. This line is of the ultimate 6 inch figure giving you everything a 1:6 scale figure gives but at half the price.

Today’s Figure:

Today I will be discussing the Daredevil PX Exclusive ‘Classic Version’. Now as a preface, I was never a fan of Daredevil’s classic red and yellow uniform. In fact, I thought it was pretty lame. However, when I received this figure as a gift, I was overwhelmed with how good they made it look. I knew that Mezco was good, but to make a disliked design this awesome is something indeed.

The Box:

The boxes that these come in are collector friendly and really quite nice. Each release comes with a slip cover. This one depicting the iconic colors with a big red ‘D’. On the back you will find images of the figure in various poses. Inside the slip cover? The exact same thing. Not sure what this slip cover is meant to do other than ‘protect’ the inner box. Otherwise it is rather redundant on this release.


The box itself features a magnetic panel that lets you see what is inside. This is where the magic starts. Just inside the inner panel you get a cool piece of art featuring DD himself. The art itself is very reminiscent of John Romita jr and Frank Miller and really sells the piece. To the right of the art you see the figure and all the parts that you’ll have a blast playing with displaying.

What’s Inside:

These figures come with a TON of stuff. In this box you will find 3 heads, an insane amount of hands, two versions of the billy clubs (one with a wire), the echo location ability thingy, the peg stand, two posing devices, the figure itself and a baggy to hold everything in. Everything is held in trays that make it easy to keep everything in place.

full lineup
LOTS of stuff

I can’t complain here, they knocked out the accessories perfectly. I mean, this thing literally comes with anything you could want.


Three head sculpts, count them. The first head is the traditional yellow devil look. The second one is a battle damaged version with a mean looking shiner and the third is the maskless Matt Murdock himself white eyes and all. The Masked sculpts are very non-specific to any comic or version of the character yet clearly who it is supposed to be. The Murdock head could literally be anyone, I think he looks a little like Ryan Reynolds but it is a nice add anyhow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each hand is a perfect sculpt to give you exactly the look you want. and the outfit itself has sculpted gauntlets, feet and rigging that are spot on.

You also get a clear echo location thingy that I will explain later.

Zero complaints.


Paint is solid. Not messy at all. Crisp and clean. The colors are vibrant and look legit. I did have a little paint chip off on one of the gauntlets but it is a minor nit that honestly could have been my own damn fault.



rigging 1

This is one place that these figures excel at. It is amazing how detailed Mezco can make their clothing on a 6 inch figure, Everything is meticulously done and hardly limit the movement at all. The yellow jump suit is made of a spandex material while the red part is a cool faux leather. The rigging, as mentioned before, is sculpted and really ties the figure together. Nothing is wasted in this area and you can see the care put into making this look right.


action stand

One word. LOTS. Everything moves on this figure. The bodies they are using are Hot Toys quality in 6 inch form and that is good. The only nit here is that the red pleather suit does limit the leg movement a little so you cant get very many ‘extreme’ poses out of him. Then again, he’s not Spider-man so why would you?

Each hand is attached with a peg that is firmly seated in the wrist. I had no issues popping them off and on with ease.

The heads are easily swappable and are held on by a ball joint.


The alternate stands are a bit of a pain in the butt to use but then again, I’ve never been able to use the action style stands effectively. You get two, one for the figure and one to hold his radar sense disc thingy. Personally I see no point in this last piece but I guess its kinda cool. Either way, its an option.

One other nit, I hate the stands these come with. I don’t mind the footpeg system, but these stands are a struggle to keep them on and they like to tumble over if knocked off balance. That shouldn’t happen with a peg stand and they really need to fix this issue.


okay, that does look cool

I love this line and this figure is no exception. If you don’t have the dollars (or shelf space) to spend on a 1/6 scale figure, these are a terrific alternative that will give you the range in collecting and the satisfaction of a cool piece. I am really happy to have him in my collection.

Where to Get:

This guy is out in the world now and will run you around $80.

You can get him from Big Bad Toy Store here: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/40167

You can also get many of the other figures at the official Mezco site here: https://www.mezcotoyz.com/

There are other places to grab him but don’t pay more than $85 for him. He isn’t a rare piece and I’ve seen them listed for $120 plus which is way too much. Do yourself a favor and shop around.


Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: 1/6 scale Shocking Guy (http://wp.me/p93it6-6M) and My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko ( http://wp.me/p93it6-9l).

Late To The Game 10/10/17

3 thoughts on “Action Figure Review: 1:12 Collective Daredevil Classic Version PX Exclusive

  1. This is the first time I see Daredevil in this suit. Never even knew he had this one, abd that goes to show that you learn something new every day lol. Seriously though, this is an amazing figure. I already have way too many hobbies, so I try to avoid going into the action figure collecting, but this figure does look amazing 😀 Thanks for sharing these pictures 😀

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