If you have been reading my blog then you know my love for Star Trek.  The original series had some awesome episodes but one of the most Iconic was the episode ‘Mirror Mirror’. In it, Kirk and crew end up in the mirror universe where everyone is evil, including a sinister Goateed Mr. Spock.

Today’s Figure

When this arrived I was ecstatic.  This is a perfect 6 inch representation of the Mirror Universe Spock.  Only available as a Think Geek exclusive, this evil version of my favorite Vulcan.  Mezco did a great job with this one but it wasn’t perfect.


The Box

The box is very basic but fitting for the figure. The front is adorned with the Terran Empire logo depicting a sword through the planet.  The back shows the figure in various poses.

Again, like most of the rest, this one has a pointless slip case that has the same graphics as the inner box.  Seriously,  if you are going to use up the card stock, then make it something special!

Spock Box 3

The box itself opens at the front with a magnetic clasp, revealing the figure and its contents.  Inside you see all of the coolness. Completely collector friendly, this box and the figure inside can be opened and resealed without any fuss.



What’s Inside

Spock full

The figure is locked away in a very nice tray, like the rest of the line has.  Inside they include a modest array of items.   Sadly this release doesn’t have the plethora   (Jefe, What is a plethora?) of items the rest of the line typically does but he does come with a nice assortment.   Inside you will find a standard issue phaser, a dagger and sheath, an array of hands, a stand, a posing bracket (I hate these things) and a baggy to put everything in.

He really should have come with the agonizer from the series but sadly that wasn’t included.




Spock sculpt

There is no doubt that this is Mirror Spock as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy.  It is really amazing how great these sculpts look in this scale.  Each hand is perfectly formed and sculpted and the weapons also look great.  No complaints here at all.


Paint is very clean and very even throughout.  Again, amazing work in this scale.




While Mezco normally knocks this area out of the park, this is where this figure stumbles a bit.   Overall it looks great but when you start poking you find some interesting flaws.  One in particular is the ‘neck wrap thing’.  Nothing more than a black yolk, it tends to slide up making it look more like a strange scarf and it doesn’t look good.  It is also very hard to adjust due to the tunic being unable to be opened without tearing it.

The badges look fantastic and could not be done better in this scale.

Then we get to the sash.  It slips, easily.  I have re-tied it a few times and it will not stay.  this is annoying but not a total downer.  Just a major annoyance.

The boots are really cool.  While they do limit movement in the knees but damn do they look cool.  I never fully realized that he had these on the show until seeing them on this figure!


Spock Pose

Very basic overall.  no extreme poses but he isn’t meant to be doing any.  Everything is poseable just like a 1/6 scale figure but in a cool 1/12 scale form.  The hands are easily swappable with no concern.  Like I said before, the boots are rather restricting so no sitting for this Mr. Spock.

The Stand is still a major problem in these releases.  The peg hole foot system is is tried and true but for some reason these figures like to tumble off of these stands.   I cant ever get the bracket to work right so its an ongoing battle.


I really dig this figure but I think it could have been given a little more love.   Until a 1/6 scale Mirror Spock is produced, I will be more than happy with my 6 inch one.  And I admit, he looks pretty cool next to Spock Prime.

Where To Get

This is a Think Geek exclusive and you can pick it up for a song from them.  Running at $44.99 (regularly $79.99) this one is completely worth the dollars and shelf space.  It was a limited run so you better grab one HERE before he beams away!

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here:  My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko and the PX Exclusive Daredevil from Mezco.

Thanks again!

Late To The Game 11/21/17

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Spock squared
Spock Squared


5 thoughts on “Action Figure Review: Mezco 1:12 Collective Mirror Mirror Spock

  1. I love the Mezco 1:12 lines, but my Dark Knight Returns figure has fallen over more times than I’d like to count. And am I crazy or did they have a Batman Beyond 1:12???? I can’t find it anywhere, for some reason I think it was SDCC exclusive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The stands are the WORST! but that is a small price to pay for the awesomeness that you get. I don’t believe they have released Batman Beyond yet. I think it was just previewed at SDCC this year. Then again they have a pretty beefy lineup coming.


    1. This one is pretty killer. It is amazing how far we have come since the days of the 1980’s Star Wars figures and the 10 inch Mego lines. As a kid I never thought figures could look any better, as an adult I am amazing how good they look now and how quickly they are improving.

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