Like I did with my Best Of for comics, these are my top picks for my favorite games this year. I am a pretty regular gamer and, to be honest, will likely continue gaming on my death bed. I like a little bit of everything in Video Games, from First Person Shooters to Full on Role Playing Games. Most of what I like are of the single player variety, so don’t expect to find any mmo’s or multiplayer games on this list. As before, these are my favorite that I played this year, not ones that necessarily came out this year. They are in no particular order so don’t get too caught up in that. So, let’s get started shall we?

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (played on 3DS/PS2)

DQ8 image

I remember the first time I played Dragon Quest VIII (DQ8). It was on the PS2 and I has been fairly recently married to my wife. She had come to accept that Video Games were a big part of my life and that there would be some that would just gobble me up from time to time. She has since called her prep for those games her ‘Bethesda Survival Kit’ in honor of one of my favorite publishers.

When I first started DQ8, she was as intrigued as I was. Watching every moment with me and soon she even purchased a strategy guide to assist when I got stuck or needed a nudge in the right direction. She would later accompany me on many other JRPG’s and it is something we still do on occasion today.

The story is simple, a King has been cursed and you have to find a way to lift the curse from him and his daughter. Along the way you gather a group of interesting characters and visit some incredible local. One tip, wait till after the credits on this one, it has much more up it’s sleeve and is worth it.

Playing DQ8 on the 3DS was like coming home again and I found myself just as, if not more, engrossed in the story. Featuring some nice updates both visually and content wise, this is a must own title for anyone that owns a 3DS. Even if you have already played it in the past, I highly recommend grabbing it and giving it a spin.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (played on Switch)

Botw Link

I am whistling the Zelda Theme as a write this….

This year I finally gave in and bought the Nintendo Switch. Boy am I ever impressed with this system. Of course, the first game I purchased was the latest entry in one of my favorite game series of all time, The Legend of Zelda. You see, my obsession with Zelda and the adventures of Link runs deep. With the exception of Skyward Sword, I have played every incarnation of The Legend of Zelda series (yes even the crappy Phillips CDi Games), so this one was far too tempting to pass.

I could not fathom how amazing this game was going to be, and when I turned it on that first day I was not disappointed. I won’t bother to describe the story to you, they are all pretty much the same, save Hyrule yada yada. This game, however, takes the mechanics of all of the previous entries and flips it on it’s head. With Breath of the Wild, there are literally no limitations on where you can go and what you can do. Just be sure you are prepared when you do go out on your own.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (played on Xbox One)


This one kinda hurts. I was so very excited for a new story in the ME universe and when Andromeda dropped, I was on board from the get go. I even splurged for the digital deluxe edition fully expecting DLC and everything that usually follows a game in this series. Sadly this was not to be.

The Game itself is amazing and a nice refreshing take on the Mass Effect universe. Starting just after ME2, the game follows an exploratory expedition that, naturally, runs into some issued along the way. You playing of two siblings and get to play in a whole new area of the Universe. Although the implications of upcoming incredible things were very apparent in the game, sadly we will never see them as Bioware and EA have completely scrapped the ME: Andromeda Series. We aren’t even getting any DLC for some closure. Pretty sad about it but man did we get a cool game to play.

Steamworld Dig 2 (played on Switch)


I love the entire Steamworld series (except the first one, Steamworld Tower Defence it kinda sucked. Okay, it didn’t suck but it hasn’t held up. at all.). Steamworld Dig 1 and Steamworld Heist are two of my favorite 3DS games and when it was announced that Steamworld Dig 2 was dropping on the Switch I was stoked.

SWD2 tells the story of Dorothy, a steam powered android who is charged with finding the protagonist of the first game. While it didn’t feel as long as the first one to me, it was quite a fun ride and a must own if you gave a Switch. I look forward to the next release from Image and Form.

Super Mario Odyssey (played on Switch)


Two Major games in one year. Jeez Nintendo, are you serious? I mean wow. Talk about an awesome release schedule. Now if we can just get a new Metroid and a new Star Fox and a…..nevermind lets talk about Odyssey.

Odyssey is the latest in the open world trend this time for Super Mario Brothers. This one is insanely detailed and full of awesome. no seriously it is. Lots of awesome to be had here. Mario travels the world on his latest attempt to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser but this time he has the power to possess creatures and characters using his new friend (and new hat) Cappy!

Full of fun references to past games and hours of exploration to be had even after beating it once, this is one that every self respecting gamer should have and play. seriously, it’s that good.

Honorable Mentions:

Fallout 4 (played on PC and Xbox One)

War. War never changes. I’m still playing this game and, after having beat it on the PC (with 200 hours clocked in) I picked up a copy for my Xbox and am right back at it. I don’t think this game will ever get old…

Skyrim (played on PC/XBOX One)

Another one from Bethesda. Geez they make great games. Fantasy, Dragons and more. I love that both this and Fallout 4 support mods on the consoles now so you can really get a fresh new experience from two perfect games. This is one I have on all of my systems and, even though I have logged in over 200 hours on it as well, I plan to pick it up on my Switch at some point soon.

Stardew Valley (played on Switch)

My friend warned me I would be addicted and he was right. Sporting classic SNES graphics, this is the best version of a Harvest Moon type game you can get. While this game has a ton of content it is one that really fits how you want to play it. Like a farming sim? Done. Like a dating sim, ok. Like dungeon crawling, it’s there too. seriously, this is a cool little game full of awesome.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (played on Switch)

I just started this game so I couldn’t justifiable put it on the best of list yet, but man is it good. This is the JRPG I have wanted on this system. With hints of Skies of Arcadia coupled with the open world feel of Zelda (on multiple smaller scales instead of one big one. Think Islands…in the sky…but the sky is waterish). This game is a joy to behold and play. It’s a joy to play. really. Just go buy it already!

So there you go. There are many many many many other great games but these are ones I played this year that I really enjoyed. So, what are you waiting for? Go play some video games!

Late To The Game 12/14/2017

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