The much polarized series returns with some retro Trek assistance behind the camera. ‘Number One’ himself, Jonathan Frakes directs this entry and it really shows. To me this is the first episode that actually feels like it is in the Star Trek universe which is Ironic considering the story.

In the episode the Crew of the Discovery find themselves in the Mirror Universe due to Captain Lorca’s tampering with the spore drive.  Trapped in a hostile universe, they now have to find a way back or die trying.

Spoiler territory below:

disco 2
still not sure WHAT this is…

It is finally confirmed that Tyler is indeed the albino Klingnot Voq from earlier in the season. However, despite attempts to bring him back by their Female Klingnot guest L’Rell, his programming is a bit broken as he doesn’t remember who he really is even though his violence does manifest a bit…

The episode ends with the Crew trapped in the Mirror Universe with ‘Captain’ Burnham aboard the ISS Shenzhen while the USS Discovery is converted to look like the ISS Discovery. They must find a way back home and risk losing themselves in the process.

This is already promising to be an interesting second half. (Although the Discovery Klingnots still look like shit)

Late To The Game 1/7/18

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disco 1
What a parting shot!

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