Funko makes some of the best vinyl figures on the market, from the every popular POP Vinyl line to (my favorite) the Vynl. Line. One of their lines that I have ignored mostly is their Rock Candy Vinyl figure line. It’s no surprise as it is marketed toward women but on occasion one of these breaks through the noise and ends up on my radar. Today’s figure is one of those.

Today’s Figure:


Mad Max Fury Road was one of my top movies of 2016. With all of the best elements of the previous films, this was one that had me from the get go. The standout character was not Max though, it was Imperator Furiosa played by Charlize Theron. In the film she is a warrior slave who decides enough is enough and tries to do something good with her life. She is also a serious bad ass in every way. Sporting a mechanical arm and a killer attitude, she is a woman who is not to be messed with. So when Funko got the Mad Max license, I was thrilled. Not only would we get the Pop Vinyl line but also the possibility of really killer action figures from a license that has historically not produced anything. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the one figure I would want the most would be the Imperator Furiosa Rock Candy Figure.

The Box:

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The Box is standard fare. Built to sit on a shelf of hang from a peg hook, this thing is very basic in design but functions well. You get a great window to feature the figure and some terrific iconography from the movie as well. One nice add is the so very chrome lettering on the side clearly referencing the film. Plus it is completely collector friendly as the figure is contained in a nice two-part plastic shell that fits back together easily. So, if you want to keep it to put the figure back in it you can! They don’t even secure the box or the inner packaging with tape!

What’s Inside:

Inside you get the figure itself. She stands about 3 3/4 – 4 inches tall and has no accessories or stand. But honestly, this is a statuette and doesn’t really need anything to look great.


This line is not meant to look identical to the character being portrayed, just to evoke the character herself. It is more of a caricature than an actual portrait and that is cool with me. This one does a marvelous job pulling it off.

Every line is crisp and clean. They even managed to work in the casting lines in with the look so it has little to know flashing to mar the sculpt. Even unpainted, it would be clear who this is supposed to be.


The level of detail is really amazing for such a small piece. They even went as far as to add the brand on the back of Furiosa’s neck, something I had completely forgotten about and had to look up. Sure enough it’s there.

He prosthetic is also a marvelous sculpt and really pulls off the detail needed to make it look right. You can see various wires and bits that make up the arm, even down to the wrench that attaches to one of the straps. With this level of detail, it is clear that this project was led by a fan.



The paint app on this is so clean it is scary. All the shiny chrome bits are painted with care even down to the buckles and gear. Not a single splotch or missed bit can be seen and that is impressive for something so small. The grease on her face works great and even with the ‘cute’ aesthetic these have, she still looks like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Tailoring & Articulation:

This is a solid piece of Vinyl with no articulation or clothing, so nothing to see here.


This is a great collectible for even the biggest Mad Max fan and it all comes in a small five-inch box. There have been a couple of others in this line that have gotten close to this one, but so far, this one is the best. I am happy to have her on my shelf for sure.

Where To Get:

Right now she will run you about $10 to $12 bucks and is totally worth it.

You can get here from Toywiz for $9.99

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: My Intro to the new Vynl line from Funko and the McFarlane Jareth the Goblin King Figure.

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2 thoughts on “Action Figure Review: Rock Candy ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ Imperator Furiosa Vinyl Figure

  1. Definitely the best character in the entire movie. So hope that they are going to make some kind of spinoff for her character. That said: this one looks really cool. You always have the best collectibles: awesome 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man. When this one came in I was stoked. The Movie was fantastic and we are finally getting collectibles for Mad Max. I heard that they are planning a set of fully poseable figures too.I really hope they go further in the line and add some classic characters as well.
      And agreed, we need more Furiosa!!!!!

      Liked by 2 people

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