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Continuing the Discovery’s very predictable journey into the Mirror Universe, Burnham comes face to face with the Emperor of the Terran Empire, none other than [Captain] Georgiou! Are you surprised? I’m not. I wasn’t last episode either.

Burnham brings Lorca before the Emperor and, of course, things don’t go as planned.

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The Super Stamets Brothers!

Meanwhile Stamets meets Mirror Stamets in the mushroom kingdom network. They are looking for a way out but are being chased by something…

Tyler is still a Klingnot but has moments of lucidity as Tyler. This guy is all effed up and frankly I think they blew their wad too early at this point. Then again we do get to see some funky Klingnot brain surgery so that was fun.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad one. Still predictable as hell. I am curious as to how they will wrap all of this show up but at this point, I am back to thinking that this isn’t the Star Trek I was hoping for. Interesting, well made, cool story, just not Star Trek. It’s more of a sequel to the mediocre Enterprise than a prequel to The Original Series.

Spoiler Territory Below:

I’m starting to think the writers of this series are just looking at fan theories and running with what is the most prevalent. I can see it now:

‘Kirkrulz says that he thinks Tyler is really a Klingnot. can we do that or are we gonna have a twist?

Yeah we can do that.

How about this one? Khalesswasright says that ‘Captain Georgiou’s mirror counterpart is the Emperor’ can we get Michelle Yeoh back?

Sure, she’s down for it. She was kinda mad we killed her in the first episode. so that will work.

Okay, I haven’t thought of this one, what if Lorca is actually FROM the mirror universe and he is using Burnham to get back? Is that a little to on the nose?

How the hell did we not think of that?! Do It!

and on and on….’

If they end up in yet another alternate universe by the end of the series I might just scream.

some other stuff:

Emperor Georgiou is paranoid as hell. Not surprising for an empire where advancement is accomplished through killing your superiors. She soon finds out that Burnham is from another universe. Apparently the crew of the Reliant (which went to the Mirror Universe in Enterprise) went nuts and killed themselves pretty violently.

disco amb 1
Taste the fear!!!

The Terran Empire freakin eat Kelpien slaves! I mean, daaaaamn I didn’t see that coming!

Of course we find out the truth about Lorca. He is indeed from the Mirror Universe and used Burnham to get him back.

Stamets is actually turning out to be a pretty interesting character. I am looking forward to more of his story now that he is out of the mushroom kingdom.

Late To The Game 1/21/18

disco amb 3
Mirror Lorca, who’d a guessed it?!

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