There are movies that you remember fondly, ones that transcend the test of time and, when you see it again as an adult, it is still the momentous movie you remember. These are the movies that make your childhood seem relevant and amazing, this is not one of those movies.

Todays Key Movie:

comet 1
If I could have gotten CMS to look at me like she is looking at this video game, I would have been in heaven.

Night of The Comet (written & directed by Thom Eberhardt who also gave us the amazing Captain Ron) is a story about the end of the world. A comet, passes the Earth and everyone who is exposed is either turned to dust or becomes a zombie-like insane being. The movie follows a young woman named Regina (played by Catherine Mary Stewart (CMS)) who survives the destruction of mankind with her sister Samantha (played by Kelli Maroney). Along the way they face flesh eating crazed Comet Zombies and, of course, a young man by the name of Hector Gomez (played by Commander Chakotay Robert Beltran). The trio soon discover that a scientific group has sealed themselves up in a bunker and want to experiment on help them.

Why this movie?

comet 3
And starring: That 80’s hair…

Night of the Comet is an 80’s Sci Fi B-movie of the highest regard. I know I didn’t see this in the theater but is was certainly one I saw on vhs and most likely on USA Up All Night in the 90’s at some point. At the time I was all in for whatever scifi I could get my hands on and this was one I loved. The absurdity of it was completely lost on me at the time and that was okay. It had everything I wanted, Catherine Mary Stewart? Check. Comet Zombies? Check. Crazy Post Apocalyptic world? Check. Loose Scientific premise? check. Like I said, It had everything a young scifi geek could want.

Since then I have had fond memories of this film…but unfortunately…

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

comet 5
Night of the Comet or How Chakotay got his Tattoo.

…It really didn’t age well. Yeah. I can not say that this is a good movie. It’s fun, it’s hokey, but is it good? not really. The acting is, well, not good. The three main characters did a great job with the material at hand but damn the supporting cast are horrible. I mean really bad actors.

Everything else is fine, the special effects are minimal but they do a good job there. The story, while silly and hokey, it works. Even the Comet Zombies look legit, and that says a lot!

Overall my memories of this film where much better than the real thing, but that is what memories tend to do right? They make things better with age.

The Trailer:

OK, where do I get this movie?

comet 9

Shout Factory recently re-released this one on Blu Ray so of course I snagged it up since I had such great memories of it. If you love B-movies from the 80’s or just happen to love CMS as much as I do then you need to grab this one.

You can get it here or here for $20. This edition comes with both a DVD and a Blu Ray so you have options and options are good.

While a little disappointed in the reality of the film versus my memories, I am not sad I bought this film. It is part of my childhood and that makes me love it all the more.

comet 2

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Late to the Game 03/01/2018

comet 4
I’m not a bad actor, I just play one on TV.

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