In the 80’s you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the face of Eddie Murphy on a billboard, a movie poster or a television screen.  The man was everywhere and, having just released Beverly Hills Cop, he was on fire!   Before the inevitable Sequel to Beverly Hills Cop he made another, lesser known film, called The Golden Child. This was Murphy in his prime, and he was hilarious.

Todays Key Movie:

Eddie Murphy stars as a private detective named Chandler Jarrell who specializes in finding missing children.  He soon finds himself on a journey across the world to find a special child and keep that child away from the dark forces that want destroy him.

Why this movie?

Golden Child 1

As a kid I loved Eddie Murphy.  Even though he was considered to some to be very dirty and not for children, he was the funny man to see along with the likes of Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and others.  Eddie stood out as he could be both a tough guy and a funny guy all at once who wasn’t afraid to push the envelope as needed.  Needless to say, I saw this movie on VHS and it instantly became a movie to watch over and over.

Golden Child 3

The Golden Child is one that stands out to me as one of Murphy’s best as it incorporates mystical elements in with a detective story but rounded out by the classic Murphy humor.  Chandler Jarrell (the character he plays) is a cocky detective who doesn’t believe in the mystical elements of the case but soon discovers that all is not what it seems.  During the journey he finds himself in a world he doesn’t understand but one that ends up mattering to him.   It’s the classic heroes tale but done in way that is just too fun.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

No doubt about it.  If you dig 80’s humor and like a little light fantasy, this is a film for you.  If you just dig classic Eddie Murphy, this is by far one of his best.  This is Murphy in the prime of his career and, while his other films made around this time are great, there is none other quite like this one.

Golden Child 5
James Wong and Charlotte Lewis

The supporting cast in this movie are tremendous as well.  Charles Dance is tremendous in his role as the evil Sardo Numspa, the villain who wants to destroy the Golden Child. The rest of the cast include Charlotte Lewis, Victor Wong and the incomparable James Hong.  Fred Welker (the voice of Soundwave and Doctor Klaw) even has a cool voice cameo in it!

The special effects in this are pretty great for the time period and the music is very classic 80’s but fit the movie perfectly.   Honestly this could have been a great addition to the Beverly Hills Cop series had they wanted to incorporate fantasy into franchise.

Sadly this film came out around the same time as another film in the same vein, Big Trouble in Little China, and wasn’t very well accepted in the box office.  Big Trouble is another of my favorite films as well, but it pretty much ruined any chance of The Golden Child to get the recognition it deserves.

OK, where do I get this movie?

Golden Child 2
Charles Dance is amazing!

Sadly they have yet to release this one on Blu Ray and that is a terrible shame.  I would love to see a great high def transfer of this film.   You can still get it on DVD for around $6+ and you can grab a copy for around the same amount digitally.  It is totally worth it but I hope the folks at Shout Factory manage to get their hands on this for a future Blu Ray release.


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