• for the support of friends and family
  • to be able to express myself on this blog
  • for the future, whatever that may hold.

This marks my 500 published post on Late To The Game Blog and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the series that started it all, Things I’m Grateful For.   With what started as a cathartic practice, this blog has become an activity I enjoy above most others.  I  find myself looking forward to writing the next Retro TV Review or talking about another Key movie of my life.  I sometimes find myself driving home forming a Poem in my mind that will eventually find its way here.  Daily, I hit you up with my regular post of the things I’m grateful for but really, I’m just grateful to be able to share this with anyone who is reading.

it starts with a word
working toward expression
things im grateful for

Thank you all for joining me on my journey thus far.  Here is to 500 more!

Late To The Game 4/11/18

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