And we are back with another review of one of the most original Star Trek series thus far.  Not only does it explore the previously unseen parts of every starship in the fleet but has also managed to successfully inject continuous humor without compromising it’s integrity as a Trek series.  This episode is all about expectations and how sometimes, things are not what you think they are.

The Episode:

Personal log, Stardate…errr how does this thing work again?

Boimler introduces his girlfriend to Mariner but Mariner suspects that this Lieutenant is more than she appears.  Meanwhile, Ensigns Tendi and Rutherford battle it out for the use of new tech only to find the grass is not always greener, or the Jefferies Tubes are not always Jefferier…er..

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode?

Ever since the start of the original series we have been trained as viewers to watch for the twist in the story.  From love interests turning into Salt Vampires to Scientists turning out to be androids, everyone is suspect and no one is safe.  Apparently, this is not just the viewers as even Mariner begins to suspect that Boimler’s Girlfriend is much more than she appears to be as this she is indeed WAY out of Brad Boimler’s league.  What proceeds is a great A story involving Mariner’s attempts to expose Lt Brimson (voiced by Gillian Jacobs) for the potential threat she poses only to discover that the threat is not exactly what she expected.  Trust me, the payoff is totally worth it and it is not at all what you would expect.

The B Story involves Tendi and Rutherford finding themselves aboard a new ship to help in a mission only to discover that their love of science could take them away from the very thing they love…their friends.   It’s a pretty great side story that once again really builds on their mutual love of science and technology further proving that these two need to be together.  I swear if they don’t end up realizing that they should be a couple by the end of the season I am going to be disappointed.

Overall, Cubid’s Errant Arrow is yet another delightful episode that delivers on every level.  This one really rewards fans of the franchise with some tremendous visuals and deep cut references while also managing to remain accessible by any new fan as well.  This series just keeps delivering and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. 

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (slight spoilers here)

  • The Suliban are mentioned for the first time since Enterprise as it Trip Tucker. (we will be talking about that series soon enough so be patient, or afraid, or whatever)
  • Some of the other deep references: Binars (image only), Transporter Duplication, Romulan sleeper agent, Humpback Whales and the aforementioned classic Salt Monster
  • We learn that Mariner was an Ensign in Starfleet when Lore teamed up with the Borg in TNG.  Apparently, the Enterprise is well known for its weekly adventures.

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Late To The Game 9/6/2020

as usual, a sneak peek at next week.

One thought on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Lower Decks SSN One Episode Five: Cupid’s Errant Arrow

  1. Another winning episode it sounds like😊 It’s great to read all these little references to things, and as for Enterprise, I don’t exactly know if I should be afraid, or not lol😂 Honestly I thought Enterprise wasn’t that bad, it just had a couple of flaws. That said looking forward to your posts on that show!

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