There are a lot of bands that go unnoticed.  Sadly, many of these bands have the potential to be great and even put out fantastic albums only to never be heard from again.  Today’s album is from one of those bands, That Dog.

Led by Anna Waronker, That Dog was a nineties band that mostly went under the radar but put out one of Geffen Records most enjoyable power pop albums, Retreat From The Sun. 

Why This Album?

That Dog

I discovered the album Retreat From The Sun quite by accident.   In my search for completionist search for all things Nirvana, I ran across a compilation album by the name of DGC Rarities Vol. 1.   This compilation contained songs from bands such as The Posies, Weezer, Counting Crows, Nirvana, Beck and many more.   One of the bands on this record was That Dog with a song entitled Grunge Couple.  Listening to this collection of songs over and over I decided to dive deeper into the various bands on the collection, many of which I still listen to today in fact.   One of the albums I found in this search for music was our album today, Retreat From the Sun.

Retreat is pure Power Pop lead by a strong female vocalist and an amazing band that also manages to work in some incredible violin by artist Petra Haden (who would later join The Decemberists).  Ever since hearing this album the first time, I have loved it.  It is nineties personified in it’s pop simplicity but has such a cool vibe that I have never heard again since.

 Favorite Tracks?

Although I love every track there are certainly some standouts.

My First choice is Minneapolis.  It’s a song about memories of fresh love and how sometimes a location can remind you of the one that got away. If you have ever had one, this song will bring back all the great memories you had.


The other that really stands out, is Did you ever.  This track is about things left unsaid or undone and asking yourself, Did you Ever? It also invokes settling for what you have, even if you know you could do better.   This track features some great violin work from Petra as well.


Finally,  A song about romance and…bondage? Yeah, you heard me right.  This is the only song I have heard about S&M that manages an unexpected innocence.

Ok, Where do I get it?

Sadly this is an album that has been relegated to the bargin bin in most record stores.  It is a forgotten album but hopefully others will find it as I have.  You can find this online from time to time at Amoeba Records but at the time of this writing they were sold out.

Lucily this and their other two albums are available on Spotify for streaming.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Thanks for joining us today, till we meet again.

Late to the Game 4/24/2018

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