As a Comic Book fan I can not be more excited to live in these times.  It seems that every week a new comic related, inspired, connected film is being announced and most of them are Either Marvel or DC comics related. It many ways we are living the geek dream of having everything we have ever wanted to see come to life on the big screen.  Finally we get to see secondary characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange get their own films due to the success of their older brothers Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. We get to see amazing films about kick-ass Amazon princesses and even humorous films about raunchy mercs who break the fourth wall.  All this is great and fun but it also comes with a price, studios want to make as many of these films as they can because they make money.

Wait, that’s a good thing right?

Not necessarily, you see many times these studios do not care about the end result.  All they see is a property that they can make money from so, more often than not we end up with films like the recent Fantastic Four (any of the FF movies come to think of it.) or X-Men Apocalypse.  We end up with something that is far less than what the property deserves and all in the name of cold hard cash.  We have been fortunate that the recent Marvel films have had a champion in the name of Kevin Feige who not only wants to make money, but also wants to be sure to tell a solid, cohesive story.  Sadly, we can’t say the same for the recent slate of DC comics films, but I guess two out of the five aren’t that bad.

Today’s trailer release of Venom (inspired by the Marvel character of the same name) looks incredible.  Touching on all of the key aspects of the character while also having a very strong lead (Tom Hardy) in the main role is certainly a good sign.   So it is difficult for me to say this but, I am not 100% sold yet.

Don’t get me wrong, the trailer is beautiful.  Everything, I mean everything looks and feels right about this movie.  From Hardy’s portrayal of the Brock/Venom union to even the implications of additional symbiotes for him to fight (maximum carnage anyone?) but how easy is it these days to throw together a flashy trailer for a film that has no substance? Too many times have I gone to a film excited to see it based on the trailers and buzz surrounding it only to be fairly disappointed in the finished product (Dark Knight Rises I am looking at you.).  So, if those films have taught me anything, it is time for us to temper our expectations.  This trailer looks amazing, lets hope the film lives up to its own hype. (And don’t forget….Hardy has already been a superhero villain once…).  Plus, is it just me or does Venom come off a little…plasticy?

So, here is the trailer.  Tell me your thoughts below.


Late To The Game 4/24/2018

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