There is so much music out there that unfortunately there are amazing bands that, while they gain a small notice or a decent following for a time, they tend to get buried by the big names and massive releases of the day.  Today’s band is one that is a fantastic group who not only have a unique sound but are a refreshing entry into the humdrum of the popular groups out in the world today.

Why This Album?

like vines 1

I discovered The Hush Sound via a sample disc my wife brought home from her work.  At the time she worked at a local music store who would, on occasion, get advanced copies of upcoming bands.  As the department head of the music department, she was given access to these discs and allowed to bring any of them home she wished so that she could listen to them and possibly recommend these upcoming albums to guests.  While she couldn’t place it exactly, Knowing that I was a fan of singer songwriter groups and 90’s pop, there was something about this album that told her that I would like it. She could never have been more correct.

The disc she brought home was devoid of any real cover art or hard case.  The disc came in a black and white sleeve that simply said, The Hush Sound: Like Vines and then had the track listings.  Figuring free music was better than no music, and knowing that my wife knew me better than I did sometimes, I plugged it in and let the music wash over me.

At first, I liked it but I wasn’t overly impressed.  The lead singer sounded like any number of indie pop groups out at the time, and it seemed more and more were coming every day.  Then something happened, the second track started.   Instead of more of the male singer my ears were graced by the soft melodic voice of a young woman singing to an amazing piano tune.  Her voice was like nothing I had heard before and it was incredible. Immediately I knew that my wife had brought me something special.  Now, don’t get me wrong,  the male vocalist on the album is terrific but, as I indicated, most bands around this time had a very good male singer so he really didn’t stand out at first.  I have come to appreciate the vocal stylings of Bob Morris more and more over time, he is actually quite the singer but Greta Salpeter took my breath away and got me into this band in the first place.

The album itself alternates throughout trading vocalists nearly every other track, but each track feels like something unique that somehow fits together very well as a single piece.  Evoking images of Circuses (Lions Roar) and sad tales of the sea (the Lighthouse), this album is full of grandeur and  simplicity channeling some of the amazing energy from the Anniversary’s final album Your Majesty.

It is something unique in a sea of the monotony and for that, it is one of my Stand Out Albums.

 Favorite Tracks?

This is a tough one.  Every track on this album is a moment of its own while feeding the whole and it is hard to break out a few tracks that really stand out on their own.  If I had to choose I would say these three really do it.

Don’t Wake Me Up (Track 6).   This is one of the tracks where Greta and Bob sing together and they are incredible as a duet.


The other is one of Bob’s songs.  Out Through The Curtain.  It is a song about moving on and it is touching.

Then there is You are the Moon.  This one is Greta on her own.  It may break your heart a little.


Ok, Where do I get it?

Since this band is no longer together (yeah I know, it sucks sometimes) it is getting harder and harder to find new copies of their albums. (the produced three through Fueled by Ramen btw).  You can listen to them all via Spotify and if you look hard enough, you can find their discs in record stores from time to time.

If you like them, Greta has another band by the name of The Gold Motel.  It is a little more 60’s pop but she is still pretty terrific.

Late to the Game 07/03/2018

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2 thoughts on “Stand Out Albums: The Hush Sound ‘Like Vines’ (2006)

  1. Great sound! I love how “don’t wake me up” goes into a jazzier song. I was a little worried at the beginning that it was going to sound like a lot of other bands now-a-days. Definitely a pleasant surprise! Thanks for calling them to my attention! 👍🍻

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