In a time when Schwarzenegger was the king of the big screen and action films dominated the box office came the film we discuss today.  Full of mindless action and classic Arnold puns, this is Commando.

Todays Key Movie:

Colonel John Matrix is asked to return to the fight when members of his former unit start getting killed off by someone Matrix once believed to be dead.  Only when his daughter is kidnapped, does the musclebound hero go into action once again resulting in an intense mission that takes him on a journey he will never forget.

Why this movie?

commando 4

As a kid, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the ultimate her.  Strong, witty and just plain bad ass, this guy was the go to for any awesome action film.   If Arnold was in the film, then there is no way that it would be a let down.

Commando is one of those rare 80’s action films that actually has a decent plot that holds it together.  John Matrix has one goal in mind, save his daughter (played by a very young Alyssa Milano) and he does everything he can to do so.  There is no shortage of action and gunplay in this film but at the core, this is about a father trying to save his daughter and this is what makes it so good.

I remember renting this one on VHS and boy did I watch it over and over.  To me, this film set the bar for action films to come and I would constantly compare all of the others to it as they released.

Okay, you like this film, but is it really a ‘good film’?

commando 2

As I said above, this is the film that set the standard for me for all other action films to come.  It had everything, bullets, beauties, brawn and above all, a good story. Seriously, this is one of the rare few that have a legitimate storyline that, while implausible, was pretty solid.   Commando set the stage for me in what an action movie should be, intense and intelligent, it would soon become my favorite film of its genre.

To this day I love this film.  Even with it being over thirty years old, it has aged well and is quite the classic of its time.  Arnold isn’t the only one who nails it in this one, the rest of the cast, including Rae Dawn Chong, Alyssa Milano, Vernon Wells and David Patrick Kelly, does a great job in their given roles.   It is intense, fun and just a cool film from the 80’s.

commando 3

One other star of the film is the iconic soundtrack.  Composed by James Horner (of Aliens fame), his use of steel drums in a score is unprecedented.   This is one that will get into your head as you watch Arnold take out his foes one by one.

OK, where do I get this movie?

You can pick this one up pretty much anywhere these days for around $10 and, if you love 80’s action films as much as I do, it is one you must own.  Recently the ‘directors cut’ was released with all of 90 seconds of additional footage.  Trust me, it didn’t add much but it is still a very solid watch.

and of course, here is the classic trailer.

Late To The Game 08/16/2018

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3 thoughts on “Key Movies Of My Life: Commando (1985)

  1. Oh man…oh man…oh man. You have made me very happy with this post. I absolutely love 80’s movies, and this one is totally one of my favorites. The one-liners alone are enough to make anyone want to see this film: “ Don’t mind my friend…he is DEAD-tired 😂😂😂” Great post, really enjoyed this 😊😊

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